Saturday, October 12, 2013

True Confession

Here's my gripe of the week.

I just don't like Greek yogurt.

There.  I've said it.  Yeah, I know it's supposed to be good for me.  And everyone else on the planet seems to be in love with it.  But it's just too thick and tart for me.  It just tastes like sour cream, which is basically what it really is.  Sour cream with some fruit added.  I like sour cream -- but I can't pretend that sour cream is yogurt.

And why is it GREEK?  I've never been to Greece, but I've eaten in Greek restaurants, and I've never encountered anything that resembles the stuff sold as GREEK YOGURT.

I do like "regular" yogurt. But if you want yogurt that's not "Greek," it seems you're out of luck.  It's almost impossible to find the regular kind anymore.  Even plain ol' Yoplait is getting harder to come by in the grocery stores around our area. 

Stonyfield Farms used to make a wonderful "chocolate-on-the-bottom" yogurt -- a tasty mix of vanilla yogurt with a layer of chocolate to blend in.  It was delicious -- smooth and chocolatey, but not too sweet.  A real treat, and I loved it.  Until it disappeared from store shelves.  I was sad.  But then it reappeared.  I was delighted.  And then I tried the new stuff.  Guess what?  It's "Greek."  Like sour milk with a little cocoa sprinkled in.  Quite a taste experience, to be sure. 

I guess I just don't like Greek yogurt.

But I do like to gripe.  I might make this a regular blog feature.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

SkyWatch Friday: The Sky Today

(Click on photo to enlarge.)

Nothing special about this shot.  Just a photo of this morning's sky, taken from our front porch.  But around here this is VERY special because of all those rain clouds.  And we're actually starting to get a little drizzle.  There's rain predicted for most of the weekend, so we're feeling very hopeful.  I still don't like rainy days, but since we moved back to central Texas and the drought, I'm grateful for any moisture that comes our way.

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