Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sunday Stealing: Storywise

Time for a little Sunday Stealing (hosted by Bev Sykes)  — questions lifted from all over the blogosphere. This week's list is from a set of "Storywise" cards that were made for Alzheimers patients.

1. The strangest place you've ever been.
Junior high gym class.
2. Unusual food combinations you enjoy.
I guess I like pretty normal things. The weirdest things I can think of are peanut butter, bacon and mayonnaise sandwiches. Is that an unusual combination? Also cream cheese and sardines on rye. I used to love those, but would not dare eat one now.
3. Your best cure for hiccups.
Well, the old trick of breathing into a paper bag usually works for me.
4. Something you have never done but would like to try.
Always wanted to ice skate. Much too old to try it now, though.
5. A routine you do every day without fail.
Daily dental upkeep -- always. Even when I'm sick or traveling.
6. Something new you've recently learned.
Can't think of anything for this one. Haven't learned anything really new for quite a while. That's sort of depressing, isn't it.
7. Your keenest sense.
Once I would have said sight, but my eyes are not what they were. So I guess my sense of smell is probably keenest now.... Unfortunately. 
8. Whether you prefer cooking or cleaning up.
I really hate to cook, so if there's a choice, I'm usually on clean-up duty.... But I hate to clean up, too.
9. Where were you the last time you saw the sun rise.
Here at home, I'm sure. I'm not usually up that early, though.
10. A recent time you were embarrassed.
Nothing recent. I'm not easily embarrassed. Too old and nasty.
11. An everyday sound that delights you.
The mockingbirds that sing around our yard. They're actually mean little things, but I love their songs.
12. The last conversation you had with a stranger.
Haven't had what I'd consider a real conversation with a stranger lately. Made small talk with the checker at the grocery store today. Does that count?


Monday, January 7, 2019

Macro Monday: Colorful Mums

I don't remember ever joining in on Macro Monday before, but I've been enjoying all the photos for quite a while now.

This is a shot from back in the fall. These chrysanthemums were in pots outside a Whole Foods store in Austin. I love the colors and the way they seemed to sort of glow when I got in for a closer look. Very autumnal. Like pumpkins and high school football games.

We could use some of that color in the garden right now. Everything's pretty dead at this time of year, even here in central Texas where the growing season is a long one. I'm hoping for an early spring. Could we please just skip the rest of winter this year, and go right to April?

Happy Monday, everyone!

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunday Stealing: Joy!

So my first post of the new year is a new round of Sunday Stealing (hosted by Bev Sykes)  — questions lifted from all over the blogosphere. This week's list is from Sleepy Rambles.

1. Are you filled with joy today?
My name is Joy, so I suppose you might think that I'm filled with joy EVERY day. You'd be wrong about that. But I am pretty joyful today — would be more so if I didn't have dental work scheduled this week.
2. Has it been a rough week?
Not really, just kind of hectic. Dental adventures. Starting the un-decorating after the holidays. Catching up on laundry and errands that got put off while we were doing Christmas stuff. 
3. If given the opportunity, would you like to star in a musical?
Goodness, yes! Wouldn't it be luverly? Of course, I'd need to get a singing voice from somewhere — allergies and asthma have pretty much destroyed mine.
4. Name one person you’d take a bullet for.
Mmmm. I don't think so. 
5. Did you trip over anything today?
Not so far. But the day is young.
6. Last time you painted a picture?
Ooh, that would be a VERY long time ago. I've done some sketching in recent years, and some collage work. But no actual painting in at least thirty years.
7.  Is your favorite color yellow?
Yellow is definitely ONE of my favorite colors. Also turquoise and aqua.
8. Were you born in a hospital? Do you know the name of the person who delivered you?
Yes, I was born in a hospital. Don't know the name of the doctor, but I've got all my mother's medical records from back then, so I could go look it up — but that would mean moving around a LOT of packing crates.
9. Have you ever had a friend or relative who's incarcerated?
Yes. And that's all I'll say about that.
10. Do you enjoy romantic movies, even when they’re cliche?
Not really. I prefer mysteries, thrillers, action movies, comedies. Not a huge romance fan.
11. Would you rather watch a movie or listen to music?
Depends on the movie, the music, and what else I've got going on. Most of the time, I'd probably rather read.
12. Ever been to Rhode Island?
I don't think so, although I might have been there briefly while we were driving around New England one summer. 
13. Can you tell the difference between a Scottish & an Irish accent?
I'm pretty good with accents, so I'm gonna say yes.
14. Can you read music?
No, much to my regret. Over the years, I've had some vocal training classes that included lessons in reading music, but I don't remember much of it now.
15. Have you been to McDonald’s in the past month?
I have not been to McDonald's in the past decade. If I'm lucky, I might never need to go there again.