Monday, February 16, 2015

Blue Monday: Toothy Blues

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Haven't been doing much blogging lately -- mostly because of the dental work I'm in the midst of. I'm getting an implant to replace one of my molars that fractured and had to be ripped out. More than that you don't want to know, believe me. It's all been pretty painful and time-consuming, but I  have a very good dentist and a very good oral surgeon and things are moving along pretty well. But the pain meds keep me in a sort of semi-comatose state much of the time -- so, not much blog time.

Took this snap of the oral surgeon's waiting room last week while I was there to schedule my surgery. It's a view I've seen waaaaay too often lately, but they do have some very pretty blue-upholstered chairs (actually pretty comfy, too).

Oh, and I've got a little blue metal cap in my mouth now, covering the posts for the implant. But I'll spare you that picture!

After that appointment, we had lunch at a new Serrano's restaurant nearby. (Just about the last good meal I'll be having for a while.) Nothing blue there, but I did manage to grab a shot of the front of the place against a lovely blue Texas sky.

Unfortunately, that gorgeous weather didn't last long.  It's cold and rainy here today -- well, cold by central Texas standards. I know it's nothing like the awful conditions they're having in the northeast right now. But I'm beginning to wonder if maybe we should really start thinking about moving further south.