Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year!

I've been mostly absent from the blogosphere lately. 
But I didn't want to let 2019 die without one last post here at Joysweb.

Hope 2020 is a Happy New Year for us all!

Cheers! See ya next year.


Friday, December 6, 2019

Saturday 9: The Champion

Wow, it's been a while. Haven't posted anything on this blog since back in September. Had some medical/dental/life issues pop up that really took a lot more time and attention and energy than I'd expected. It looks like things might be starting to settle down for a while (at least a little), so I thought I'd try to resuscitate it some.

The Saturday 9  meme is hosted by Sam Winters. Nine questions posted every Saturday — sometimes random, sometimes with a theme. This week, the theme is...

"The Champion"
by Carrie Underwood (2018)

1) This song is about doing what it takes to win. What's the most recent competition you won? (Yes, online solitaire counts.)
I can't remember the last time I entered any kind of competition. I'm not really much of a competitor.
2) The lyrics tell us to "go ahead and put your bets on me." Do you often play games of chance — like the office football pool, or slot machines, or the lottery?
Yeah, not a gambler, either. Never bought a lottery ticket. Never played a slot machine, or any kind of game for money. Too much OCD to take chances like that.
3) The video includes footage of young people competing in The Special Olympics. What's your favorite sport to watch? Is it the same sport you most enjoying playing?
Well, I haven't played any sports lately. In my youth, I liked softball and tennis; but it's been at least forty years since I picked up a bat or a racquet. I do like to watch them, though. And basketball. And football. And gymnastics. And golf. Hmmm. You would think I'm a very sporty gal, wouldn't you? ... But you'd be wrong
4) This week's featured artist, Carrie Underwood, first came to America's attention when she won on American Idol. Prior to competing on that show, she'd never been on an airplane. How old were you when you took your first flight?
I was definitely an adult. I think it was sometime back in the early '70s. My husband was in graduate school in Baltimore and we flew back to Texas for Thanksgiving one year. So I would have been 20-something. 
5) Carrie loves horror and her favorite author is Stephen King. What book are you currently reading?
I love horror too, although I haven't read all that much Stephen King. Right now I'm reading a whodunnit — Sorry for the Dead, by Nicola Upson. 
6) Carrie's duet partner on "The Champion" is rapper Ludacris. In addition to making music, he acts and has appeared in one Sam's favorite shows, Law & Order: SVU. What's your favorite "cop show?"
I don't think I've seen any of the current crop of cop shows. I used to like Miami Vice back in the '80s, but I don't really watch cop shows now. I do like mysteries, though, so I suppose these days my favorite show with cops in it is Midsomer Murders
7) Ludacris is a distant cousin of comedian Richard Pryor. Have you studied your family's genealogy?
Yes, I have. I love digging into family history, both for my family and my hubby's. Haven't really done much of it lately. 
8) Soccer was a big deal in 2018, the year this song was released. According to Google, "FIFA World Cup" was the news story that generated the most internet searches. What's the last thing you "googled?"
9) Random question: You're battling the flu. The doctor advises you to stay in bed a full five days. As you begin feeling better (around Day 3), do you continue to follow doctor's orders? Or do you get up and start moving before you're supposed to?
I'd probably be up before Day 3. I usually try to "bounce back" way too early, and then end up just making things worse. Besides, after working for civil service for many years, my husband has a "3 day" rule — he allows three days for sickness and then expects you to get back to work or bring a note from your doctor!

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Sunday Stealing: Music Asks

Time for a little Sunday Stealing (hosted by Bev Sykes)  — questions lifted from all over the blogosphere.

This week's list is borrowed from Stark Raving Parker: and it's all about music. I should probably start out by saying that even though I do enjoy music, it's been quite a while since I paid any attention to the current music "scene." So most of my favorites are from at least twenty years ago (or more).

1. A song you like with a colour in the title
Brown-eyed Girl (by Van Morrison).
2. A song that needs to be played very loud
Anything by the Rolling Stones.
3. A song that makes you want to dance
See answer to no. 2, above.
4. A song to drive to
Hmmm. I like to listen to jazz when I drive. So, maybe something by Dave Brubeck.
5. A song with a number in the title
Eight Miles High
6. A song that makes you happy
Come on Eileen, by Dexy's Midnight Runners. Great video, too. 
7. A song that makes you sad
Memory from "Cats" — I used to use it for sense-memory exercises in acting classes. It's great for bringing on the tears. Also Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Always makes me misty.
8. A song that reminds you of summer
Surfin' USA by the Beach Boys. Come to think of it, just about anything by the Beach Boys.
9. A song that you remember from your childhood
I think my first "favorite song" (that I can remember, anyway) was All in the Golden Afternoon, from the Disney feature-length cartoon version of "Alice in Wonderland." I think I was about five when I saw it the first time.
10. A song that breaks your heart
Deep Purple, an oldie from the 1930s and '40s. My mother always said she and my father considered it "their" song. Daddy died when I was ten, and I don't think my mom was ever really happy after that.
11. A song that you never get tired of
Well, I could probably get tired of just about anything if I had to listen to it too many times. But there are some things I do listen to repeatedly, although they're not exactly songs. Anton Dvorak's String Quartet no 12 ("America") is one. And for something more modern, I can listen to John Klemmer's Brazilia album over and over and over.
12. A song from your preteen year
Which preteen year? When I was 12, I think my favorite song was Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin.
13. A song that is a cover by another artist
Hallelujah, written by Leonard Cohen. Dozens of versions (if not hundreds) by other artists, but my favorite cover was by KD Lang (although I'm not sure if she ever actually recorded it).
14. A song from the year you were born
No idea about this one — I'd have to do some research.
15. A song that makes you think about life
Good question. I've got no answer, but it's a good question.
16. Your favourite song with a person's name in the title
Sweet Caroline, by Neil Diamond.
17. A song that you think everyone should listen to
Imagine, by John Lennon. 
18. A song by a band you wish were still together
Wow. Most of the bands I used to love are either no longer together, or dead. Depressing thought. So... maybe The Weight, by The Band. I wish they were all still alive and together.
19. A song by an artist no longer living
Refugee, by Tom Petty. 
20. A song by an artist with a voice you love
You Don't Know Me, by Ray Charles.


Monday, August 26, 2019

Sunday Stealing: Love Me Some Questions

I didn't manage to get this done in time for the Sunday link-up, but thought I'd go ahead and post it anyway. Joysweb is a dying blog, but every now and then I drop back in with a random post. Didn't want to let August get away without at least one check-in. So, here we go....

Sunday Stealing is hosted by Bev Sykes and has questions lifted from all over the blogosphere. This list was stolen borrowed from Love Me Some Surveys.

1. Has anyone ever made fun of your taste in music?
2. Is anyone’s birthday coming up?
Not this month, but September is a very busy birthday month in our family. 
3. Do you remember who you liked in grade eight?
Not really. I have only very vague memories of eighth grade. Too long ago. I remember close friends, but not "crushes." 
4. When was the last time you burned any part of your body?
Um. Strange question. Haven't burned anything lately. Thank goodness.
5. If I gave you ten dollars, what would you spend it on?
Something frivolous, no doubt. Probably a book.
6. What are you most excited about right now?
7. Does / did either of your parents serve in the military?
Yes, my dad was in the Navy during World War II. Here's a snap of him in his whites.

8. Are you somewhat of a perfectionist?
Not really. I'm more of a good-enough-ist.
9. Do you like sour candy?
Yes, but it's been years since I had any.
10. Are all nighters something you have grown used to?
Well, I do tend to stay up late, but not all night.
11. Do you usually wear sunglasses when you’re driving?
Yes. I have very sensitive eyes, and can also get migraines from too much bright light, so I wear sunglasses almost all the time when I'm not indoors, and that includes when I'm in the car. Even on cloudy days. 
12. Do you wear your shoes around the house?
Well, I wouldn't wear someone else's, now would I? Sorry. Yes, I usually do wear shoes around the house. In this part of Texas, if you go barefoot you run the risk of stepping on something that might fight back.
13. What clothes are you most comfortable in?
My well-worn cotton nighties.
14. Are you good at painting nails?
Pretty good, I guess. Although I never attempt anything very fancy -- no nail art or special manicure stuff.
15. Smoothies or slushies?
Smoothies! And the hubby makes really yummy ones. Is it lunchtime yet?

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sunday Stealing: I Love Questions (Oh yeah?)

Time for a little Sunday Stealing (hosted by Bev Sykes)  — questions lifted from all over the blogosphere. I haven't joined in on any of these for quite a while, but it's always fun. This week's list is from Questions, Memes, Asks, Etc.:

1. Are you satisfied with the way your life is right now?
Pretty much. Summer is my favorite time of year, so that's keeping me happy at the moment.
2. Do you drink enough water?
Probably not, although I do try to, and generally have a glass or bottle of water with me at all times.
3. When was the last time you ate at Burger King?
Sometime in the 1980s. Used to love their Whopper Jr.® burgers. Haven't had a burger of any kind in years.
4. Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?
The beach, although I cover myself up so thoroughly, I might as well NOT be at the beach.

5. How do you usually feel when you wake up on a morning?
Glad I made it through one more night.
6. Would you rather take someone on a date, or be taken on a date?
What's a date? Seriously, folks — dating is so far in my past I can just barely remember what it was like.
7. When was the last time you wore high heeled shoes?
Oh, wow...probably something like ten years ago. Maybe longer.
8. Vodka or wine?
Wine, generally. Although I do like the occasional Bloody Mary with vodka.
9. How often do you cry?
I seem to answer this question a lot. I honestly cannot remember the last time I cried, so ... not often.
10. Ever had a crush on a teacher?
11. Can you wire a plug?
No, but I can plug a wire.
12. Do you wear socks to bed?
Sometimes in winter, if it's very cold.
13. What is currently bugging you?
At this very moment? Not much, really. I've got a medical appointment scheduled for the end of this month, and I'm not terribly thrilled about that. But it's not really bugging me.
15. Can you change a car tire?
Well, I do know HOW to change a tire. Theoretically. But I've never had to do it, so I'll say...maybe.
16. Have you met more than ten celebrities?
I guess that would depend on what is meant by "celebrity." I've met quite a few bright lights in the academic world, but I don't suppose they'd qualify. So, no.
17. Do you sleep naked?
Definitely not. Well, not anymore.
18. What was the best music gig you’ve ever attended?
Wow. I've been to some great concerts. None very recent. I saw Leonard Cohen perform live several times, and those were some very special events.
19. Have you ever had sexual feelings for anyone you follow on line?
That's a little personal, don't you think?
20. Who is someone who has changed your life positively.
The guy I'm married to.
21. Favourite city?
I have several. I love my hometown of San Antonio. Also Chicago, New York, London and Paris. Haven't been to any of them in quite a while. Oh, and Mexico City. Again, haven't been there in many years.
22. Can you drive?
22. Cigarettes or alcohol?
For what? Do I smoke? No. Do I drink? Yes, but not much.
23. Favourite and least favourite accents?
No opinion on this.
24. Did you play Red Rover when you were a child?
I think so. Don't think it was a favorite game.
25. Do you like 1980s fashion?
I liked it during the 1980s. Looking back at that time, I realize there were some very odd fashion trends back then. But I guess that can be said of just about any era, including the present one. (I'd insert a photo of myself in leggings here, but fortunately I've destroyed all of those.)


Saturday, June 22, 2019

Saturday 9: Venus in Blue Jeans

The Saturday 9  meme is hosted by Sam Winters. Nine questions posted every Saturday — sometimes random, sometimes with a theme. This week, the theme is...

"Venus in Blue Jeans"
by Jimmy Clanton (1962)

1. Like the dream girl described in this song, Sam is wearing jeans as she composes this Saturday 9. Is there a lot of denim in your wardrobe?
I wouldn't say there's a LOT of denim, but I do have a few pairs of jeans — mostly the "mom" variety.
2. Jimmy Clanton likens this girl to the Venus de Milo, the ancient Greek sculpture made of marble and now on display at the Louvre. Is there any marble in your home?
Hmmm. I don't think so. Granite countertops in the kitchen, but no marble. 
3. He refers to his girl as "Mona Lisa with a pony tail." The Mona Lisa is also at the Louvre. What's the last museum you visited?
I love museum-going, but haven't done much of it lately. When we lived in Virginia, near Washington DC, we used to go to the Smithsonian museums all the time. I guess the last museum I've visited recently was the Blanton Museum in Austin, and that was about three years ago. There's a WWII exhibit in the visitors center at the Pearl Harbor Historic Site in Honolulu, that we toured when we were in Hawaii a few years ago. It's pretty extensive, but I'm not sure if it qualifies as an official museum, though.
4. This girl is so awesome, she's the 8th Wonder of the World! Without looking it up, could you name the other 7?
No. But I know there have been a lot of different lists of "Seven Wonders" through the ages. I could probably list a few of the Ancient Wonders, but I'm not sure about the modern choices.
5. Jimmy Clanton spent his entire professional life behind a microphone. After he quit selling records, he began spinning them as a DJ. Do you consider the sound of your voice one of your better qualities?
Once upon a time, I would have answered yes to this question. But as I've gotten older, asthma and allergies have done some pretty nasty things to my vocal chords. The hubby once told me my voice on the telephone sounded like a parrot squawking. He's such a sweetie.  
6. At age 80, Mr. Clanton still performs. He averaged an appearance/month in 2018. Some of his fans were surprised that he has let his pompadour go completely white. Do you color your hair?
Not recently, although I have in the past. Thinking about maybe going a little blonder soon. I would love it if my hair would turn completely white, but I've just got ugly gray patches spreading around. 
7. In 1962, when this song was popular, Americans were reading about 5-year-old First Daughter, Caroline Kennedy, and her pony, Macaroni. Tell us about a pet you had when you were very young.
My longest-lasting pet was my toy fox terrier Corky. Got him when he was a few months old and I was about 8 or 9, and he was still around when I went off to college. By then he was more my mom's pet than he was mine. He was a great little dog and used to wake me up in the mornings by jumping onto the bed and pulling the covers off me and onto the floor. 
8. Decades later, Caroline Kennedy was the first woman to serve as US Ambassador to Japan. Have you ever been to Asia?
No, but I would love to go.
9. Random question: When talking among themselves, who do you think is more open and honest about sex — men or women?
Absolutely no idea how to answer that. I don't have a lot of conversations about sex, honest or otherwise. 

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Blue Monday: The Return

Wow, it's been almost a year since my last Blue Monday post. Well, I haven't really been doing much blogging at all for a while now. And I've always been a kind of hit-or-miss blogger. Sometimes there's just too much going on and not enough time to sit down and get my thoughts together, and other times — there's just not much I want to say. Feast or famine, I guess.

But today I'm back. And I'm happy to say, the blue skies are back too. After a weekend of rain and gloomy weather, the blue finally broke through yesterday afternoon.

Now we've got sunshine (mostly) predicted for the rest of the week. (Yay!) Looking forward to getting out at some point and doing our annual bluebonnet drive. If all goes well. Fingers crossed.

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you have a lovely, blue sky week.

Blue Monday is now being hosted by Magical Mystical Teacher.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Saturday 9: The Fool on the Hill

The Saturday 9  meme is hosted by Sam Winters. Nine questions posted every Saturday — sometimes random, sometimes with a theme. This week, the theme is...

"The Fool on the Hill"
by Sergio Mendes and
Brasil '66 (1968)

Chosen because Monday is April Fool's Day.

1. As an April Fool's prank, Taco Bell once announced they had purchased The Liberty Bell and renamed it The Taco Liberty Bell. Describe your perfect taco.
OK, any taco is pretty much perfect, just by definition: The taco is nature's most nearly perfect food. No, wait -- maybe that's milk. Anyway, my perfect taco would be in an extra crispy corn tortilla shell, have shredded beef, refried beans, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, cheese and salsa. And maybe some potato chunks -- the way they used to make them in the San Antonio of my youth. Unfortunately, I can no longer eat most of those things. Sad.
2. Similarly, as an April Fool's prank, the Ford Motor Co. was supposed to wipe out the national deficit by purchasing the naming rites to a beloved monument, renaming it the Ford Lincoln Mercury Memorial. What model car do you drive?
Currently we have an eight-year-old Ford Escape. Contemplating getting a second car for me to run around in. 
3. In 1998, Burger King got in on the April Fool's Day fun by promoting a special "Left-Handed Whopper," designed to be easier for a leftie to hold. Describe your perfect burger.
My husband makes wonderful burgers -- beef patties grilled to a perfect medium-well doneness, his special secret sauce, lots of melted cheddar cheese, with pickle, onion and tomato slices, lettuce, and mustard. Yum! Again, most of that is stuff I just don't (or can't) eat anymore. I can't really remember the last time I had a burger. Sad, sad, sad.
4. In 1962, when color TV was still new, a Swedish station pranked viewers by telling them they could convert their black/white sets to color by cutting up a nylon stocking and stretching it across the screen. Of course, in 1962, more women wore nylons and screens were smaller. How big is your TV? Are there any nylon stockings in your home?
We just bought ourselves a new TV with a much larger screen than the others we've had. I think it's 65 inches. Great for watching widescreen movies -- we've watched 2001: Space Odyssey and Lawrence of Arabia on it, and it was a very cool experience. And yes, I do have some nylons stashed away in the closet somewhere. Never wear them anymore, though.
5. In 1957, the BBC ran an April Fool's story about how the Swiss were enjoying a "bumper spaghetti crop," with spaghetti literally growing on trees. Viewers who called the station, asking how to grow a spaghetti tree of their own, were told to place a sprig of spaghetti in a can of tomato sauce and hope for the best. Have you ever fallen for an April Fool's prank?
I fall for some sort of April Fool's prank or hoax or trick every year. I must be the world's most gullible person. I hate April Fool's Day.
6. When Crazy Sam was growing up, her mother would surprise her on April Fool's Day by slipping a rubber worm or plastic spider in her lunch box. When you were in school, did you more frequently brown bag it or buy your lunch in the cafeteria line?
All these food questions are making me very hungry. I might need to go have a little snack after this one. 
In elementary school I usually took a lunch -- but in a lunchbox, not a bag. Somewhere around junior high (middle school to all you whippersnappers), I switched over to buying my lunch. Probably about the time my mother got fed up with getting up early to make a lunch for me.
7. This week's song was an international hit for Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66. Because of the song's bossa nova arrangement, everyone assumed the lead singer, Lani Hall, was Brazilian. She was a folk singer from Chicago. Sergio Mendes discovered her at a charity benefit. Can you think of a time when doing good really paid off for you?
Paid off? Well, not really. But I always hope my good deeds do some good for someone, and I suppose they pay off in making me feel happier.
8. In 1968, when this record was popular, Pierre Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada. Today his son holds that office. When did you most recently visit our neighbor to the north?
I have only been to Canada once, and that was at least forty years ago. It was in May or maybe June, and Toronto was lovely, but very cold. 
9. Random question: Name three websites you visit every day.
Every day? Well, Amazon would be one, though I hate to admit it. And I guess GoodReads or Library Thing. And Google, of course -- does that count?

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Saturday 9: Waiting for a Star to Fall

The Saturday 9  meme is hosted by Sam Winters. Nine questions posted every Saturday — sometimes random, sometimes with a theme. This week, the theme is...

"Waiting for a Star to Fall"
by Boy Meets Girl (1988)

1. "Waiting for a Star to Fall" was literally inspired by a falling star. The singing/songwriting duo of Boy Meets Girl was at a big, outdoor concert and could have sworn they saw a falling star in the night sky. Have you ever seen a falling star?
I probably would call it a "shooting star." Yes, I've seen a lot of them. I'm old.
2. They offered this song to Whitney Houston, who declined to record it. Whitney did have hits with two other songs they wrote: "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" and "How Will I Know?" What's your favorite Whitney song?
I was never a Whitney Houston fan, so I don't think I could really say I have a favorite Whitney song. I used to sort of like the "How Will I Know" video on MTV, so that's the one I always associate with her. 
3. Boy Meets Girl were George and Shannon, a husband-and-wife team originally from Seattle, WA. In 2016, Seattle was named America's most "bike-friendly city." Do you own a bike?
We have a stationary bike that we use for exercise. Other than that, no bikes. I once almost crippled someone by almost running into them with a bicycle. After that, my bike-riding days were over (except for the exercise bike). 
4. George and Shannon met for the first time at a wedding. She was a guest, he was in the band. Think of the last wedding present you bought. Was it from the bride and groom's registry?
Well, it's been quite a while ago, but I think it was from a registry. Don't really remember what the gift was, though. Probably dishes of some sort. 
5. In 1988, when this song was popular, 98% of American homes had a TV set. Today, that figure has dipped to 96%, presumably because Millennials are watching more content online. What's the last video you watched online?
That's an interesting statistic. Well, I don't watch movies or TV shows online, but I do watch short videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other websites. And the last one of those I watched was this "Waiting for a Star to Fall" video because I wasn't familiar with it. 
6. 1988 saw the introduction of one of the most memorable slogans of all time: "Just Do It." Without looking it up, do you know what brand "Just Do It" promotes?
Nike, right? I've always thought it was sort of an odd advertising slogan, but it certainly caught on.
7. In 1988, Sonny Bono went from entertainer to Republican politician when he was elected Mayor of Palm Springs. Have you ever met the mayor of your town?
I don't think so. But I live in a small town and it's possible I've met him at some gathering and just didn't realize it or don't remember it. (I'm old.)
8. Michael Douglas took home the Oscar in 1988 for his portrayal of Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street. The American Film Institute named Gekko one of the "top movie villains of all time." Do you think bad guys are as interesting as good guys?
Oh, definitely. Usually the bad guys are much more interesting.
9. Random question: Have you ever seen a photo of yourself naked? (Baby pictures don't count.)
Yes, I have. I was much younger and in much better shape.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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Friday, February 8, 2019

SkyWatch Friday: Winter Sunset

Last night's sunset was pretty spectacular. It started slow....

But a few minutes later, it sort of exploded in color.

The display almost made up for the fact that those clouds might be bringing us sleet and/or snow tonight or over the weekend.


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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sunday Stealing: Storywise

Time for a little Sunday Stealing (hosted by Bev Sykes)  — questions lifted from all over the blogosphere. This week's list is from a set of "Storywise" cards that were made for Alzheimers patients.

1. The strangest place you've ever been.
Junior high gym class.
2. Unusual food combinations you enjoy.
I guess I like pretty normal things. The weirdest things I can think of are peanut butter, bacon and mayonnaise sandwiches. Is that an unusual combination? Also cream cheese and sardines on rye. I used to love those, but would not dare eat one now.
3. Your best cure for hiccups.
Well, the old trick of breathing into a paper bag usually works for me.
4. Something you have never done but would like to try.
Always wanted to ice skate. Much too old to try it now, though.
5. A routine you do every day without fail.
Daily dental upkeep -- always. Even when I'm sick or traveling.
6. Something new you've recently learned.
Can't think of anything for this one. Haven't learned anything really new for quite a while. That's sort of depressing, isn't it.
7. Your keenest sense.
Once I would have said sight, but my eyes are not what they were. So I guess my sense of smell is probably keenest now.... Unfortunately. 
8. Whether you prefer cooking or cleaning up.
I really hate to cook, so if there's a choice, I'm usually on clean-up duty.... But I hate to clean up, too.
9. Where were you the last time you saw the sun rise.
Here at home, I'm sure. I'm not usually up that early, though.
10. A recent time you were embarrassed.
Nothing recent. I'm not easily embarrassed. Too old and nasty.
11. An everyday sound that delights you.
The mockingbirds that sing around our yard. They're actually mean little things, but I love their songs.
12. The last conversation you had with a stranger.
Haven't had what I'd consider a real conversation with a stranger lately. Made small talk with the checker at the grocery store today. Does that count?


Monday, January 7, 2019

Macro Monday: Colorful Mums

I don't remember ever joining in on Macro Monday before, but I've been enjoying all the photos for quite a while now.

This is a shot from back in the fall. These chrysanthemums were in pots outside a Whole Foods store in Austin. I love the colors and the way they seemed to sort of glow when I got in for a closer look. Very autumnal. Like pumpkins and high school football games.

We could use some of that color in the garden right now. Everything's pretty dead at this time of year, even here in central Texas where the growing season is a long one. I'm hoping for an early spring. Could we please just skip the rest of winter this year, and go right to April?

Happy Monday, everyone!

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunday Stealing: Joy!

So my first post of the new year is a new round of Sunday Stealing (hosted by Bev Sykes)  — questions lifted from all over the blogosphere. This week's list is from Sleepy Rambles.

1. Are you filled with joy today?
My name is Joy, so I suppose you might think that I'm filled with joy EVERY day. You'd be wrong about that. But I am pretty joyful today — would be more so if I didn't have dental work scheduled this week.
2. Has it been a rough week?
Not really, just kind of hectic. Dental adventures. Starting the un-decorating after the holidays. Catching up on laundry and errands that got put off while we were doing Christmas stuff. 
3. If given the opportunity, would you like to star in a musical?
Goodness, yes! Wouldn't it be luverly? Of course, I'd need to get a singing voice from somewhere — allergies and asthma have pretty much destroyed mine.
4. Name one person you’d take a bullet for.
Mmmm. I don't think so. 
5. Did you trip over anything today?
Not so far. But the day is young.
6. Last time you painted a picture?
Ooh, that would be a VERY long time ago. I've done some sketching in recent years, and some collage work. But no actual painting in at least thirty years.
7.  Is your favorite color yellow?
Yellow is definitely ONE of my favorite colors. Also turquoise and aqua.
8. Were you born in a hospital? Do you know the name of the person who delivered you?
Yes, I was born in a hospital. Don't know the name of the doctor, but I've got all my mother's medical records from back then, so I could go look it up — but that would mean moving around a LOT of packing crates.
9. Have you ever had a friend or relative who's incarcerated?
Yes. And that's all I'll say about that.
10. Do you enjoy romantic movies, even when they’re cliche?
Not really. I prefer mysteries, thrillers, action movies, comedies. Not a huge romance fan.
11. Would you rather watch a movie or listen to music?
Depends on the movie, the music, and what else I've got going on. Most of the time, I'd probably rather read.
12. Ever been to Rhode Island?
I don't think so, although I might have been there briefly while we were driving around New England one summer. 
13. Can you tell the difference between a Scottish & an Irish accent?
I'm pretty good with accents, so I'm gonna say yes.
14. Can you read music?
No, much to my regret. Over the years, I've had some vocal training classes that included lessons in reading music, but I don't remember much of it now.
15. Have you been to McDonald’s in the past month?
I have not been to McDonald's in the past decade. If I'm lucky, I might never need to go there again.