Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ABC Wednesday: "T" is for...


A couple of visitors on our balcony.

Two little Ginny dolls ready for some winter fun.

Intertwined sea creatures adorning a fountain.

Side by side doorways in Old Town Alexandria VA.

Shadows of the hubby and me at the beach.

A cute pair of tootsies.
And come to think of it, "T" is also for TOES!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ABC Wednesday: "R" is for...


I wasn't really too familiar with the term before I moved to Virginia. But around here, historical reenactors (or re-enactors if you prefer) are everywhere. Many museums and historical sites have them. Civil War and Revolutionary War battle recreations abound with them. And of course, places like Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown are fully stocked with hundreds of very authentic-looking reenactors. These are a few shots we took during a visit to Williamsburg a few years ago.

A villager outside the post office.

In the saddle maker's shop.

Colonial carpenter.

In the printer's establishment.

At the book bindery.

A reenactor bringing history to life.

And sometimes, even the visitors get into the act.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Blue Monday: Car Buying Blues

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I haven't been participating in Blue Monday for a while now. Actually, I haven't been participating in anything much when it comes to blogging, lately. My husband Michael retired a couple of months ago, and since then we've been spending most of our time getting our condo in shape to sell later this year. I had no idea being retired was so much work!

We also recently bought our first SUV - a 2011 Ford Escape. And during the several hours we were sitting around at the dealership, doing all the paper work, I had time to notice all the retro-style gas pumps decorating the showroom. Thought this one would be great for Blue Monday since it was such a nice blue color. But the lighting in the place kept me from really capturing the blue, darn it.

And the car was no help, either - it's gray, not blue. Well, there is some blue on the license plate. And blue sky reflected in the windows and trim. Not enough?

OK, I also took some photos of the handbag I had with me that day, and it has some blue in the fabric (which is called "Night Owl" because of all those cute little owls in the print). OK, not much blue, but some.

Oh, and my glasses have blue tips on the ear pieces, too. Does that count?

(Click on photos to enlarge.)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ABC Wednesday: "P" is for...

!!! PAIN !!!

Spent most of yesterday afternoon having oral surgery, and the rest of the day was passed in a Vicodin haze. Today my face looks like some particularly passionate pugilist used it for a punching bag. Also have stitches in my lip where the dentist "poked" me with a sharp instrument. Can't eat, can't smile, can't brush my teeth for 24 hours. Just sitting around with an ice pack on my face. Poor, pitiful me!

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Free clip art image of tooth is from CoolClips.
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