Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sunday Stealing: Halloween

Time for a little Sunday Stealing (hosted by Bev Sykes)  — questions lifted from all over the blogosphere.

This week's list is borrowed from League of Extraordinary Pen Pals.

1. What is your favorite spooky song?

The only "spooky" song I can think of right now is Monster Mash. Are there others?
2. What do you want etched on your tombstone?
"She'll be right back."
3. Who is your favorite horror movie villain?
I suppose it would have to be Dracula, although I'm really not a vampire fan. But I loved both Bela Lugosi and Frank Langella as the blood-thirsty Count D.
4. Have you ever seen a ghost?
Yes. Several times. Not all the same ghost.
5. Do you prefer gore, thrillers or supernatural movies?
I enjoy most thrillers and usually love movies with supernatural elements. I really don't like gore, in movies or books. I don't find that frightening — just nauseating.
6. What is your favorite scary book?
Wow, it would be hard to choose just one. Probably Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House. Or maybe Turn of the Screw, by Henry James. I've also enjoyed a lot of Susan Hill's books, and several by Jonathan Aycliffe. And Ira Levin's Rosemary's Baby is a spooky-fun read.
7. Have you ever had a tarot card reading?  Was it accurate?
Never had one. I've played around with tarot cards myself, but never had an actual reading.
8. Are you superstitious?
Yes, about some things.
9. Have you ever used a voodoo doll?
Yes. It sort of worked. That's all I'll say.
10. Have you ever participated in a seance?
Only on stage, in a production of "Blithe Spirit." Never in real life.
11. Have you ever heard voices when no one was around except you?
Yes, but I don't smoke that stuff anymore. (Heh-heh!)
12. What is your favorite Halloween candy?
I'm not really sure what qualifies as Halloween candy these days. As a kid I used to love candy corn, but it's been decades since I had any.
13. What was your most memorable Halloween costume?
When I was about ten or so, I dressed up as a "gypsy princess" with lots of scarves and clunky jewelry and a long skirt borrowed from one of my aunts. It wasn't scary but I loved it, even though I probably looked more like a homeless person.
14. Do you like going through haunted houses (not real ones)?
Haven't gone through a "haunted house" since I was in elementary school, and I think I helped put that one together.
15. If someone dared you to spend the night in a haunted house (a real one) would you do it?
Possibly. Would I have a private bathroom?