Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blog Every Day in April (Who, Me?)

Over on my Joy's Blog blog, I just posted a note about Blog Every Day in April (BEDA). It's one of those blog events or phenomena that people come up with from time to time, specifically designed to shame me into spending even more time blogging! Even though my poor hubby already has to pry my hands off the keyboard every night, to get me to come fix dinner!

Well, as I said on the other blog, I'm probably the last person alive and computer-ing to hear about BEDA, but if you're here at the end of the tunnel with me, you can read all about it on Maureen Johnson's Blog. She came up with the idea of blogging every day in April, and it quickly spread around the Blogosphere and took on a life of its own. Just one of those ideas whose time had come – like votes for women, or solar power, or Potty Time With Elmo.

Now I can't promise to blog every single day this month. In fact, I'm not really sure why Maureen wanted to set herself and the rest of us up for that kind of stress attack. But it's a cute idea, so I might play along in my fashion ("in my fashion" = slipshod, scatterbrained, hit or miss, etc.). And, paltry though it may be, please accept this as my first BEDA offering.

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