Friday, November 13, 2009

Such a Gorgeous Award!

OK, I have to start out by apologizing to Smiling Sally, the gorgeous blogger who awarded me the Gorgeous Blogger Award last week. I'm very grateful for the award and flattered she thought of me. And I've been meaning to post my "six things about myself" list, but somehow real life and wonky Internet connections (and a really wonky memory) just keep getting in the way. So, here it is – just a little later than planned. I've done something like this once or twice before, so some of these fascinating facts may be repeats.
  1. My memory isn't what it once was (see above). But then, neither is my body, for that matter.
  2. I'm part Welsh, part English, part German, and possibly part Dutch and American Indian (Cherokee, I think).
  3. My first pet was a chicken who drank himself to death. My most recent was a tabby cat who lived to the fine old age of 23 years.
  4. I'm a terrible cook, but a pretty decent baker.
  5. I don't much like the color orange. Except on oranges, of course. And on tabby cats.
  6. I've eaten snails, rabbit, rattlesnake, and squirrel. It all tastes like chicken. Except the snails. They taste like snails.
And I'll be passing the award on to six other worthy and gorgeous bloggers as soon as real life settles down a bit. Thanks again, Sal!


  1. Congrats Joy... You deserve the award. I like Smiling Sally too!!!!

    I 'have' to love the color orange --even if I don't want to!!!! For you see, my football team (the TN Vols) have orange as their primary color. They are called the Big Orange!!!! ha ha (See how loyal I am???? ha)


  2. Betsy--
    Thanks for the kind words. Yes, not liking orange is a problem, since my team has orange as its major color, too (Texas Longhorns)! So I guess that's one more exception I'll make for the color - I love to see the orange lights on the UT tower after the 'Horns have won a football game!

  3. When I lived in Texas, I'd give everyone down there a hard time (since I was the only Tennessee fan in the state)--saying that the REAL UT is the University of Tennessee... ha ha (After their game Sat, I shouldn't be saying that!!! ha)


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