Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Christmas Musings, Part Two

So I guess the holidays are really over now. M was on vacation the last couple of weeks - taking advantage of all that "use it or lose it" leave that federal workers sometimes end up with at the end of the year. And I've gotten very used to having him around all day. But today, it's business as usual, and he's back at work. I've got lots to do to keep me busy (thank you cards to write, new books to read, mountains of laundry to do, mountains of dust to vacuum away, a small mountain of Christmas cards to do something about), so I won't have time to sit around and brood, but it's definitely quieter around here this morning.

I typically get rather melancholy during the holidays, but this year I really didn't have time for that. For some reason, this Christmas season seemed more than usually frenzied; and it also felt as though it ended almost as soon as it began. One minute we were straightening out all the Christmas tree lights and putting out all the decorations, and the next thing I knew we were toasting the New Year - and I have no idea what happened to all that time in between!

But I think that was a good thing. The other thing that's helping me stave off the doldrums this year is the fact that we've still got the tree and all the outside lights up. We usually take them down around Twelfth Night, and this year they may even stay a little longer than that. They definitely cheer me up, but I will try to get them put away before the spring thaw hits. Although if our condo association would allow it, I'd probably leave the outside lights up all year. And the Christmas tree, too. I think I must take after my grandmother - it was not at all unusual for her to leave her tree up until Easter, some years. I think one year they hid eggs in it for me and my cousins to find!

However, now it's time to start thinking about what lies ahead in 2010. And though I always like to think that after Christmas, spring is just around the corner, I realize that winter has really just gotten started. But this year, I'm determined not to let that get me down. I know winter has its charms, and if I just stay positive and upbeat, I'm sure I'll be able to find some. Maybe. A few anyway. Someday. Right?

And speaking of winter, this is the last photo I'll be posting of our infamous snow piles. Last one. I promise. For today, anyway.

(Click on photo to enlarge.)

This photo was taken by my husband, with his cell phone camera. Pretty good, huh?


  1. Hi Joy, I have enjoyed reading your Christmas Musings this year... Isn't it interesting how many 'emotions' go along with Christmas and the holidays??? I found myself very 'down' yesterday--wishing that the holidays wouldn't EVER be over.... I don't get melancholy during the holidays--but usually do AFTER them. Oh Well!!!!

    Guess we all have to get back to normal --whatever that is. ha


  2. Don't be sad about Christmas being over -- I usually get sad too but not so much this year. Yes, it is back to normal now with everybody back to work but Allen was really bored over his vacation so I am glad he is back at work -- he seems much peppier. Bri, of course, is not happy to be back at work and I can understand -- not a happy place to be and since she isn't feeling all that great it is just worse. But you and me -- hey, look at all that reading time and stuff like that! I wish the bad weather would stay away but I don't think it is going to so just curl up and read away!


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