Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ruby Tuesday: Smoking or Non?

This is another photo from our recent trek to Shenandoah National Park. We stopped for lunch on the way, at a local Cracker Barrel restaurant, and sat in the area that was once the smoking section before Virginia outlawed smoking in restaurants. There was still a lot of smoking memorabilia on the walls, including this bright red advert for Chesterfield cigarettes. I noticed it because of the color, but also because Chesterfield was one of the brands my grandmother smoked for years. Well, she didn't so much smoke them as light them and then let them burn themselves out. Sometimes in ashtrays, sometimes on the furniture. But she lived to be eighty-five without ever burning down a house. And who says miracles don't happen anymore?

(Click on photo to enlarge.)


  1. Very interesting! I wish that all states will pass a law prohibiting smoking inside restaurants.

    My Ruby Tuesday

  2. I love old signs! Thanks for visiting me. Henry is pretty big...about the size of a dinner plate. He started out the size of a quarter 22 years ago :) Happy RT!

  3. Neat sign!

    My father caught his mattress on fire once (when he was in the hospital). He rang for the nurse who didn't come, so he poured water on the mattress and then flipped it over using only one arm as the other one was incapacitated. And the nurse's got in trouble the next day! ;-)


  4. It's been a long time since I've seen a Chesterfield sign. Tennessee has banned smoking in restaurants as well. I like that.


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