Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Snapshot: Better Days

Sorry to start the day off on a negative note, but so far July is turning out to be just a bit of a disappointment for me. It started off with Roger Federer wiping out at Wimbledon -- well, I suppose that might actually have been at the end of June, but near enough. Then Anna Massey, one of my favorite actresses, died. Then there was the death of the space shuttle program. Still can't believe we're letting the space program dwindle this way. Of course, it's expensive -- and that reminds me of the economic problems the country is going through, another downer. Then at the dentist's office this week (another disturbing story, but believe me, you don't wanta hear it) I read a magazine article about the new robotic librarians -- no need for human librarians anymore, even in those antiquated libraries that actually contain real books. And now we have the shutdown of Borders, one of my favorite places to hang out (and yes, I did actually buy books there -- but I guess just not enough books). Very depressing. The times just seem to be out of joint, somehow.

So here's today's snapshot. Sorry about the quality -- I think my husband actually took it by mistake when he was testing a new camera a few years back. But I thought it would be appropriate for my mood today. It's a shot of yours truly, against a backdrop of shelves with real books on them, reading an actual newspaper. And it may not do anything for you, but it cheers me up more than I can say.

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  1. Well your photo certainly reflects your mood. We must keep buying books or there won't be any to read for us "traditional readers"

  2. I do love the hazy look, even if it was accidental. I hope your spirits improve:)

  3. There is a lot of downer stuff happening this summer. The bit with the economy (and the drought) is what freaks me out the most. Thank goodness our library is still well funded. So sad about Borders though. I drove past the "going out of business" sale signs yesterday and it brought a tear to my eye.

  4. Yep, there is a lot going on in this month of July. Ummmm, this photo might help you work through your feelings or just writing about your "true" feelings might help. No one is happy every single month. Thanks for your photo. I luv real books too. Never thought the time would come when...

  5. Great shot! It's perfect for your mood.

    The way things are going is depressing. Losing myself in a good book or movie, going for a bike ride or spending time with family helps me through them.
    Here's My SS

  6. Love your bookshelves! And love real books! I hadn't heard about the robotic librarians...may have to go google that (or maybe I shouldn't....).

    Sorry you've had a rough July--hope everything gets better!

    Here's my Snapshot:

  7. I am so sorry July has been so bad, but I feel your pain. In fact, your post really said what I have been thinking -- things are just out of kilter and moving fast. Nothing feels right -- and I think that technology is completely taking over our world and it isn't a good feeling. Driving around town, with all the empty buildings and shops, it looks like a ghost town. The article online a few days about about the things we don't need anymore -- Paper? Are you kidding me? I certainly hope Kimberly-Clark doesn't go out of business anytime soon. I digress. I know what you are feeling -- you just said it better than me. Cheer up and come home --

  8. Everyone gets those day where it seems like the world is falling apart. Perhaps a walk around a park would help... that's what I do when gloomy hits.

    I'm seeing a lot of the same things you mention. I suppose change is the one constant in the universe... and things sure are changing right now. I think future historians will look at this period of time and consider it a turning point in our history. The demise of the manned space program indicates that as a country we are now looking inward instead of outward; exploration for the sake of knowledge has stopped; we are stagnating. And it makes me sad. I guess I need to go outside look at my lovely flowers.

  9. Interesting photo. I'm glad it cheered you up.


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