Monday, September 5, 2011

Blue Monday: Boardwalk By Night

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OK, last photo from our summer trip to Rehoboth Beach -- no, I promise this time! But the Labor Day weekend always makes me nostalgic for the summer just passed. And as I was looking back over the photos we took, this one jumped out at me. It's a shot of the boardwalk and the beach from our hotel room balcony, taken just after sundown when the sky was still fairly light. A little grainy because I didn't want to use the flash -- and because I'm actually a really lousy photographer. But I know a good blue when I see it!


  1. That is a nice place to unwind, it is so calm and very relaxing mine is up and its here Points of View and Thoughts, I hope you can visit thanks!

  2. Ah, I could look at these photos all day long.

    Happy Blue Monday, Joy!

  3. Nice view. And lots of people enjoying themselves.

  4. Beautiful shot!
    I have a hard time letting go of summer too! I'm holding on with both hands. Happy Blue Monday!

  5. This is a beautiful blue -- and a great picture.

  6. I love to roam around these place. The night photography is awesome in here. Thanks for sharing!

    My Blues

  7. Gorgeous view -- looks like a great place.


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