Friday, December 9, 2011

The Great Christmas Show: Day One

So Christmas time has rolled around once again. Did 2011 have fewer months than other years, or what? Just doesn't seem like it should be the holiday season already, does it? Or maybe I'm just falling victim to one of those typical geezer diseases -- Lost Time Syndrome, perhaps.

Anyway, now that it is holiday time, and everyone is posting about their favorite holiday movies, I thought I'd do the same. Nothing elaborate -- just some short posts about the movies and TV shows I love to watch during the Christmas season. Some of them are favorites from childhood, and some have been added to my list in recent years. And, to save myself from having to rate each one, I think I'll talk about them in chronological order, starting with the oldest and working up to the ones made most recently.

Except for this post. I just have to start with this one, even though it's not the earliest.

A Charlie Brown Christmas is without a doubt my favorite Christmas show. I think I've seen it at least once every Christmas since it first appeared in 1965. For me, the holiday season just doesn't start until I've seen Charlie and Linus and Lucy and Snoopy and all the rest of the gang go through their Christmas play rehearsal and decorate that scrawny tree.

I love the music, too -- I've got an old CD of the soundtrack that I play over and over during December and into January. I'm surprised it hasn't driven my husband to murder me in my sleep after all these years. But fortunately he's a nostalgia junkie, too -- at least, when it comes to Christmas.

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