Monday, April 9, 2012

Blue Monday: Springtime Blues

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I've really been neglecting this blog again. No posts in March, and this is the first one in April. Not very happy about that, but STUFF just keeps getting in the way of my blogging. And I've been concentrating on my book blog lately, so Joysweb has had to take a back seat.

But spring is here, and I'm feeling a little surge of blogging energy. And we're having a really spectacular spring around here -- abundant blooms everywhere, and lots of unusually warm sunny days. Soon our condo community's outdoor swimming pool will be open for business, and I always think of that as sort of the unofficial beginning of summer. Last week on one of our walks around the place, M and I stopped off and checked out the pool area and I took a few shots of the pool and the gazebos above it (used for outdoor parties when the pools are open).

(Click on photo to enlarge.)

Not the best of photos -- I'm still learning how to use a new camera. But I loved the two different shades of blue in the pool and sky. Now if it would just stay like this until next fall, I'd be absolutely content.


  1. I've missed you too. Thanks for sharing these two blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Joy.

  2. Such a beautiful spot- beautiful blue sky and pool water. Enjoy.

  3. Glad you are back to share such pretty sights. Very nicely done.

  4. What a pretty pool area! Are you really sure you want to relocate?

  5. Oh, so love the BLUE sky!

    Visiting for Blue Monday-hope you can stop by:)


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