Monday, February 18, 2013

Blue Monday: Springtime Blues

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Well, it seems to be springtime around here!  We're still having some cold spells, and a few cloudy days, but also lots of stuff blooming.  It's happening even sooner than I expected.  And I LOVE that.  Just look at that beautiful clear blue sky.

Also love the yellow flowers. Forsythia? Japonica?

But even though I love the gorgeous weather, I know the drought here in Central Texas is wreaking all kinds of havoc -- and we probably haven't seen all the effects yet.  And around the Hill Country it's very hard to ignore.  These are a couple of shots I took this weekend when we were out looking at Lake Travis.

Lake Travis from around the Point Venture area.

In ordinary times, most all that sandy beach area would be covered with blue water.  The lake is down almost fifty feet below normal levels, and not likely to come back anytime soon.

Looks like a construction site, but it's just "beach"!

It's still a great recreation area and wildlife habitat, but if the dry spell goes on much longer, water rationing is a real possibility.  Not looking forward to that.  Also, you can see how it's causing a lot of heartache for all those home owners with lakefront property.  If you enlarge the photos, you can see all the steps going down the hillside -- in better days, they would have ended at the waterline!


  1. Our water is down in our pond too. I guess that's the downside of living without rain, but I'll take it!

    You see how nice winter is in your new location.

    Have a good Blue Monday, Joy!

  2. Pretty! The drought is a real problem, however. We have started having wildfires up here already. I don't look forward to that-- it was really bad the last couple of years.

  3. Joy, your photos are beautiful with the blue skies and water. We had a bad drought here a few year ago and the lakes were low like the one you shared. I pray there is rain soon.
    xo, Jeanne

  4. Beautiful photos.

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  5. Beautiful views.

    Trying to catch up with BLUE Monday.
    Your comment is always appreciated and valued!

    Blue Celebration


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