Monday, January 12, 2015

Blue Monday: Charming Blues

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Can you believe we're nearly two weeks into the new year? I'm having trouble with that. I know that's a sign of being exceedingly elderly, but it does seem like time is just flashing right past me. What happened to the holidays? What happened to Christmas? I blinked and it was over!

The Hubby decorating the tree.
UN-decorating looked pretty much the same.

Actually, we had a really nice Christmas this year. Got to visit with some very old (in length of acquaintance, that is!) friends who we don't see all that often. We had intended to be out and about a little more during December, but the weather just didn't cooperate. Still, it was a nice, festive holiday -- if a little quiet.

And we got some very nice gifts. Michael and I don't generally give each other Christmas presents, but this year he surprised me (!!!) with this:

I had been hinting that I'd like a Pandora charm bracelet -- for several years now. But for some reason, this year it clicked.

OK, I know it's not blue -- the bracelet and the charm/spacers are all silver. So here are a few of the blue charms I'm thinking of putting on it.

I'm having trouble deciding whether I want it to be strictly a "biographical" bracelet, with only charms that represent my life and my family. Or if I just want to go with a color scheme or some other theme. It'll probably take me quite a while to get it filled up. Or even partially filled. I've got a Pinterest board with examples of charm bracelets I like, but of course I wouldn't want mine to look exactly like any of those. So coming up with a design and filling it up should be lots of fun.

Oh, and one more thing -- just to be perfectly circumspect -- I am in no way affiliated with the Pandora people. I just like their jewelry.


  1. What a wonderful surprise Joy. The Pandora charms are beautiful. Your startup bracelet is very pretty. Your hubby did "good." Smile!

    I agree about Christmas. I am sure it is age related. HA! This year I am going to seize each day and maybe it won't go so fast.


  2. Hi Joy,

    When your Michael moves, he moves in the RIGHT direction! Three of my granddaughters have Pandora bracelets. It began years ago when an aunt gave one a starter for a birthday gift. Then, every birthday . . .

    They are eye-catching.

    I'm following doctor's directions, avoiding salt, and . . .

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. Love the bracelet! I am keeping mine to the ancestry theme but because there are an odd number of charms for that purpose I will probably be adding in some of the glass charms that I like. Having a bit of a prob with Wales because the one I want is a bit out of my charm allowance to I am waiting around to see if I can find something else. I was worried that the glass charms are vulnerable to breakage but I have been assured they are not. Aren't they fun?


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