Sunday, August 2, 2015

National Coloring Book Day!

So, after National Hot Dog Day, now we've got National Coloring Book Day.

August 2nd is one of those "who knew?" holidays. But apparently this has been going on for several years now. I'm pretty sure it's mostly promoted by Dover Publications, since they produce so many wonderful coloring books -- including the "Creative Haven" line intended specifically for adults who like to color.

I've always loved to color. When I was a child, it was one of my favorite pastimes. And I continued to love it after I got to be old enough to be embarrassed about buying those enormous boxes of crayons ("Are those for your grandchildren, ma'am?" No -- they're for me.)  And long before it became a national craze. Over the years I've amassed a huge collection of coloring books. Unfortunately, they're all in a box stored somewhere in our garage -- so, no photos! (Bummer.) But these are some of the books I've acquired more recently:

I've noticed that all the current hoopla promoting coloring books for adults seems to play up the "relaxation" and "creativity" aspects of the hobby -- and I think that's a valid claim. Coloring can be almost like meditation, and I suppose it does inspire creativity, in a way. But I've always liked it just because it's FUN!

Please note: I have absolutely NO connection with Dover or any of the other publishers of coloring books shown here. Also no affiliation with any of the promoters of National Coloring Book Day. I just love the hobby.


  1. and crayola colored pencils are the best to do those intricate designs. I have a few of these myself.

    1. B-B -- These days I generally use colored pencils, too -- although I don't think I've used Crayola brand. But I love the smell of a newly-opened box of crayons, so I like to keep them on hand.


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