Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cloud Watching

We've had mostly sunny days this week, and no rain. Just the way I love it. The skies have been beautifully clear most of the time, but we have had a few impressive cloud displays...

And at least one really gorgeous sunset.

Now if we could just do something about all this cedar pollen making us cough and itch.... Guess I'm never satisfied.

For more sky shots, click on the button above.

This week I'm also linking up with Photo Friday, hosted by Pierced Wonderings:


  1. Hello Joy! Came by from Sky watch to admire the skies over you and enjoy the colours of the sunset! Very pretty with soft pastel clouds!
    Now following and hope you'll follow me too at

  2. yes, something needs to be done about the cedar. Now it is mixed with elm so just a little worse.

  3. isn't it just amazing how different the sky can be.


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