Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Our World Tuesday

Well, here we are at the end of February already/finally. Somehow February always manages to feel like it's going to last forever, even though it's such a short month. Fortunately, it's also been an unusually warm month around here, so not much winter-y weather; but it's been mostly cloudy and damp as well. Also, the cedar and oak pollen have been going crazy this year, and I'm sensitive to both of those. Not my favorite combination of atmospheric/ecological phenomena — so I'm afraid I've just been doing a lot of staying in (and trying to stay awake, in spite of all the Benadryl). Going through some of the junk that's built up in my craft room. Getting a bit of reading done (three books this month).

Watching (mostly from indoors) while the Hubby starts doing his early-spring yard and garden cleanup.

Also watching him play with his model trains. He's got those going in the garage (his "man cave" equivalent), so it's out of the house but still indoors. He's started adding little people to the layout and some of them look very lifelike.

Also working on a few jigsaw puzzles: two moderately difficult ones this month, both by Charles Wysocki. One of his village scenes, called Yankee Wink Hollow,

And a "classic" I've been wanting to tackle for quite a while — Frederick the Literate. A tabby cat surrounded by books. How could I possibly resist that?

I did venture out one day earlier in the month to get my hair cut. Now it's grown out just long enough to be driving me crazy, tickling the back of my neck.

As my mother always used to say, if it's not one damn thing, it's another. One of her wisest utterances.

So, that's our world right now. Not exciting, but can't really complain. Well, I CAN complain (always), but I won't. Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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