Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday: A Taste of Texas

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Although autumn is definitely here now, we don't have much color yet. The leaves are starting to fall, but I'm afraid we just didn't get the right amount of rain at the right time to make for a really great display this year. But it's still a little early to write it off, I guess.

Around this same time last year we were in Texas, visiting family and friends in the Marble Falls and Austin areas. The town of Marble Falls has preserved and restored quite a bit of its old central downtown area, and we enjoyed strolling around one afternoon. And since I don't have any really interesting photos from this year, here are a few shots from that visit. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Please ignore all the power lines.
But notice that clear blue sky and the head-in parking!

We were particularly impressed with all the interesting outdoor sculpture all over the place. These Mariachi guys were just outside the old movie theater.

This big bird has just caught its dinner. (Yuck!)

And this creature looks like the Spider That Ate Marble Falls.
Appears to be created out of old plumbing equipment.

Gorgeous and gigantic live oaks have leaves all year 'round.

A few shops in the central area.

I think this was taken from the deck of the Chili's in Marble Falls, with a view of the River City Grille next door, and Lake Marble Falls on the Colorado River.

Sunset on Lake Travis, just outside Austin.


  1. I'm from Texas and we usually visit Marble Falls and the area once a year. Loved your pictures, the tree is amazing.

  2. How beautiful is that? I especially like the Mariachi guys.

  3. We are in that area often because on of our children is there. That photo of the Live Oak is gorgeous. Some of them are so twisted they remind me of olive trees. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  4. Great shot of the oak tree, we have a lot of those they are so mystic looking. Kind of erie too. Thanks for sharing.


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