Monday, April 12, 2010

Blue Monday: Blues at the Mall

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On a shopping trip to one of our local malls not long ago, we noticed that, sadly, a lot of the stores have closed. Some of the spaces are being renovated for new shops that will eventually move in, but at the moment it's a little depressing. But the management has jazzed up the empty spaces a bit with brightly colored walls, like this blue one that seemed to go on forever.

A little happier sight was this play space they've installed with a nice blue make-believe stream running through it. The kids were all having a great time. There's obviously no such thing as an economic downturn in fantasy land.


  1. The play area is really neat! I have to say that blue is an appropriate color for the boarded up spaces.

  2. I love that little playspace!My favorite part of shopping malls is the holiday or seasonal decor in the children's areas.I remember when I was small, just being in awe of all the "faux snow" at Christmas!

  3. Hi Joy, Sad to see mall stores close and leave empty space - sign of the times - but GOOD to see the children still having a great time. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Blue Monday!
    p.s. Great post on your mother. Very poignant.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. There's so many "gone out of business" signs around; I do hope it gets better soon. Happy Blue Monday, Joy.

  5. Isn't it great when you notice all the color around you? Like I would not notice yellows and blues so much at a mall had it not been for these special meme parties! Thanks for stopping by, that playland looks fun, wish I was a kid again:)

  6. Great Blue Mall Pics .
    Good sign when people can have fun & shop .

  7. What would we do without malls?! Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Blue Monday.

  8. The playspace in a mall is a great idea! I live right by our local mall and amazingly so, almost everything is filled and few stores have closed.

  9. This is really a neat play spot -- nicer than the one at our mall. It looks like fun and I like the stream.

  10. Very cool! I love the fake blue stream. I bet those kids do too! The wall, though, whoah!!! Yes, it is very sad to see so many business's closing! Hopefully things will turn around soon and the new ones will come! Thanks for your kind comments as well!

  11. I really like the blue wall photo. If you hadn't told us what it is, it would have been quite mysterious.


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