Monday, December 6, 2010

Blue Monday: Blue-Eyed Baby

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When I was little, Christmas time always meant dreams of that new doll Santa would be bringing me. Guess I just never grew up because every Christmas, I still have those dreams of new dolls! But these days Santa isn't very cooperative in that area, so I have to provide my own dollies. Fortunately, my husband has been very indulgent of my doll collecting mania – actually, I think he enjoys it almost as much as I do.

So here are some shots of this year's Christmas doll – our latest acquisition. She's an Armand Marseilles Dream Baby, from the 1920s, with a bisque head, composition hands, and a cloth body. The Christening outfit may or may not be original to this doll, but it's from the period and in great condition for its age. The photos and the dress make her look much larger than she really is: She's actually a very small doll – about ten inches from head to toe. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

This is really a bit of a stretch for a Blue Monday post, I know, but she is reclining against our blue bedspread.

And she has some very pretty blue eyes, too!


  1. What a beautiful doll!
    Happy Blue Monday!

    P.S. I've signed on to follow you!

  2. Such a pretty doll. My mother loved dolls and had a really wonderful one she kept on the bookshelf when I was growing up-
    that bonnet is particularly wonderful

  3. Good morning Joy, I love your precious little baby doll.. I collect dolls also and have one dressed in a long white dress that I brought from a thrift store in new condition..
    I have a Nephew and his family who live in your hometown..thanks for your visit to my place today.hugs,

  4. Oh I love these old dolls and their dresses.
    Happy Blue Monday.

  5. What a nice Santa you are to yourself, Joy!

    I love, love, love those blue pillows with all of those pleats!

    Happy Blue Monday.

  6. That is a very pretty little doll. I never had one that looked like this. When my sisters came along they got the dolls.

  7. lovely dolls.
    beautiful blue in the background,
    Happy Blue monday.

  8. I just love all of your photos. That baby doll is beautiful. Happy Blue Monday.

  9. I think this is perfectly acceptable for Blue Monday. You've gotten a very pretty addition to your collection.

  10. The doll is gorgeous. The bedspread is nice too.


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