Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saturday Snapshot: Christmas Past

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I've been looking through some of our old Christmas photos. Probably not a good idea; I try to stay clear of needless nostalgia at this time of year. But this has always been one of my favorites. It's a shot of me with my little cousin MLB on her very first Christmas Eve back in ???? Well, many long years ago, obviously. (Up with Boomers!) She'll probably murder me if she sees this (I think I've posted it once before and got away with it), but weren't we cute? And just look at that state-of-the-art TV set in the background. Her family was probably the first on our block to have a TV, but her dad was a TV newsman so they had to have one. Looks like she's off on a little adventure, doesn't it? Well, she always had a mind of her own, even at such a tender age!


  1. I love the vintage photo! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Joy, that is just adorable! Loved seeing this.

    Happy New Year (again)! :-)



  3. Love this vintage picture! Happy New Year!

    Got mine up:

  4. This captures the holiday perfectly.

  5. This is a very cute picture. I think it's very appropriate for the holiday season.

  6. I think we were very cute and I don't mind you posting this photo at all. I did mind the big curl on the top of my head -- creative Mom and all --- but the photo is fine! It is kinda fun to think that Carrie Bean is beginning to crawl right now too -- 60 years after her Nona -- yikes, that is scary stuff.


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