Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday Girl

My mother was born on April 11th in 1921.
She would have been ninety years old, today!


She died on Easter Sunday in 2001. She always said she thought she'd die on her birthday, and she only missed it by a few days. She would have hated being 90 - she didn't really care much for old people.

Spring is always a time of very mixed emotions for me.


  1. Hi Joy, a great picture of your Mom... wishing her a happy birthday in heaven.My Mom will be 90 years old in December 2011.She has lived by herself for 26 years since my Dad died ; drives and takes care of herself..It will be very hard to lose her one day.. I bet you looked like your Mom.. hugs, Baba

  2. She's lovely, Joy! My BFF's friend's mother died on Good Friday, the same day her son died, and I have to think that God planned it that way. Before she died, she kept reaching her arms heavenward and smiling, and I'm convinced she not only saw the Lord, but her beloved son there waiting for her.



  3. Happy Birthday Aunt Domma, as Brandon always called her. I thought about her all day yesterday. I can't believe it has been ten years and I am surprised every time I see this photo at how much I resemble her. Spring for you, Thanksgiving for me. I know just what you are talking about.


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