Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Chocolate Wrapper Wisdom

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  1. Is this chocolate bar from Trader Joe's? We are getting TJ early this year -- a real one, not just Aldi which has sprung up all over the place -- on every corner where there isn't a bank!

  2. B-B--
    No, it's the inside of a foil wrapper from one of those little Dove dark chocolate squares -- shot very close up. They all have different sayings on them, like fortune cookies. I got this same one two or three times in a row, so I figured it must mean something.

    Glad to hear about the TJ's -- we've become addicted to them up here. Wish they'd open one up in Austin. They have some really good stuff, including lots of different kinds of chocolate!

  3. I am sure they will be in Austin soon -- they are popping up all over Texas now -- three right here in our area so I am sure they wouldn't let Austin pass them by!

  4. I think this is perfect for a chocolate wrapper.


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