Sunday, January 26, 2014

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 574

This week's mutterings from LunaNiƱa:

1. Vex :: miff, rile, peeve

2. Ghost :: Patrick Swayze (sexiest ghost ever)

3. Detail :: the small stuff

4. Furthers :: adds to, aids

5. Foxy :: Patrick Swayze (do I see a theme developing here?)

6. Hybrid :: combo, mongrel, vehicle

7. Maximum :: most, utmost, ultimate

8. Wonderful :: my wonderful Hubby (you thought I was gonna say Patrick Swayze again, now didn't you?)

9. Munch :: Richard Belzer (actually, I think he's pretty foxy, too)

10. Organize :: my main goal for 2014 -- should be written ORGANIZE!!!!!!!!!

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