Monday, January 6, 2014

Blue Monday: Just One More

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OK, I promise this is the LAST post about Christmas!  I know, I know....Christmas is over and the New Year is already a week old.  Isn't that amazing?  Tempus sure does fugit.

Anyway, we've got nearly all the holiday decorations cleared out and stored away now.  Just about the last reminders are my Christmas bears that I put out every year.  They always get to stay around a little longer than all the other ornaments because they're just so cute I can't bear (did I really say that?) to part with them.

The two Paddington Bears are wearing their bright blue duffle coats, perfect for this frigid winter we're having.  They're both Salvation Army adoptees (like most of my bear collection).  I've written about Kringle Bear before.  He's almost thirty years old now!  But the years have been kind to him.  Unlike my little childhood teddy (I've written about him too) - he definitely shows all the love he's received over the years. But he still has his lovely blue button eyes, and this year he's sporting a nice blue necktie.

Generally, he lives in a box in my closet, all wrapped up in acid-free tissue. But I thought this year he should get to come out and take his place with all the other bears in his new home.  He likes the company.  And it's really COLD in that closet.


  1. Love the bears ~ especially the 2nd one is soooooo cute! ~ HBM ~ carol, xxx

  2. They are so cute, Joy! I love them.



  3. Beautiful bears, I love and collect bears too but mostly just TY bears.
    Have a great week and Happy Blue Monday. As far as I am concerned we could celebrate Christmas all year round :)

  4. Hello Joy,

    I enjoyed seeing your special bears, and I'm so glad they decided to dress in BLUE. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday.

  5. They are cute! Love your collection.


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