Saturday, May 30, 2020

Saturday 9: Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey

The Saturday 9  meme is hosted by Sam Winters. Nine questions posted every Saturday — sometimes random, sometimes with a theme. This week, the theme is...

"Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey"
by Paul McCartney & Wings (1971)

1. The lyrics tell us Paul believes it's going to rain. How's the weather where you are today?
I'm writing this on Friday, May 29th (not Saturday yet), and the weather has been lovely all day. Well, lovely by my standards anyway – mostly sunny, with the high temp somewhere in the low 90s. A little more humid than I like it, but that's OK. I know a lot of people around here are upset about such hot weather in May, but I'm loving it. I try to take a "photo of the day" every afternoon ‒ this is the one for today:

2. Paul sings that he is sorry because he hasn't "done a bloody thing all day." What do you hope to accomplish this weekend?
These days I don't set my sights very high. I'm hoping to get through the weekend with no major dental or medical problems, and no surprise bad news announcements from family or friends. 
I'd also like to get some reading done.
3. He also references butter pie, which is made primarily with potatoes (with onions and, of course, butter). That dish is not popular on this side of the Atlantic. Last time you had potatoes, how were they prepared (baked, mashed, hash browned, french fried ...)?
Baked, I think. I eat a lot of potatoes, since I had oral surgery not long ago (getting some implants) and there's not a lot I can actually CHEW right now. For the last few weeks (well, more like months), mashed or baked potatoes have been a big part of my diet. Also potato soup. If I ever get this dental adventure over and done with, I would not be terribly unhappy if I never ate another potato for the rest of my life. (I'd make an exception for potato chips.)
4. Linda McCartney is credited as co-writer and performer on this recording. Paul and Linda were partners in real life, too; married 29 years, they raised four children together. They often said they tried never to spend more than a few hours apart. Do you enjoy a lot of togetherness, or do you value your personal time? Has your experience with Covid19 and quarantine changed how you feel about this?
I'd have to say yes to both those choices. I do value time spent on my own, but I love spending time with the hubby too. Also love seeing family and friends, of course – but right now we're still "staying home" and don't really see many people except each other. So the pandemic hasn't really changed the way I feel, but it has changed the way I function.
5. Paul and Linda came from very different backgrounds. His family was lower middle class, lived in Liverpool's public housing and received government aid. She grew up in affluent Scarsdale, the daughter of a wealthy theatrical attorney. Do you think it's more important for a couple to share a common background, or to share common interests?
I don't think there's any strict rule about that. When it clicks, it clicks.
6. Paul is known for his work ethic. At age 78, he's still making music and performing live. What's your favorite Paul McCartney song?
Wow, so many to choose from, but most are also John Lennon songs. Of the songs written by Paul on his own, I guess I'd pick Maybe I'm Amazed, from his first solo album. 
7. In 1971, when this song was a hit, Bobby Fischer was the world's most famous and highest-rated chess player. Do you play chess?
No. I've tried, but never have been able to maintain interest long enough to learn.
8. England's Princess Anne turned 21 in 1971. The occasion was commemorated by a formal portrait, taken by celebrated fashion photographer Norman Parkinson. Who took the most recent photo of you?
Probably me. I've taken several selfies lately. By the way, Princess Anne is my favorite royal, after the Queen. The royal family is so entertaining, aren't they?
9. Random question: Do you find it more satisfying to work with your hands, or your head?
Well, I like doing both, but the arthritis in my hands has sort of limited me to more "cerebral" activities these days. But that's OK. Gives me more time for reading. 

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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  1. I am going to spend some time reading too. The weather is perfect here, so I will be outside reading. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

    1. Outside reading sounds lovely. The mosquitoes usually drive me inside after a few minutes, though. Hope your weather stays perfect!

      Happy Saturday and thanks for stopping by!

  2. I understand how you feel about potatoes. Back when I suffered from ongoing gut trouble (don't worry, I won't go into detail), my doctor literally prescribed chicken soup. I needed the protein. Between chicken soup for my gut and chicken soup when I have a cold, I cannot stand to have chicken soup when I'm well.

    You picked a Paul song that's actually a Paul song! Being a lifelong Beatlemaniac, I know my Paul songs from my John songs. I've resisted correcting Sat9ers today, because that would be obnoxious. But that doesn't mean I can't celebrate you for being right!

    1. I would love to have some chicken soup, but right now I'd only be able to slurp up the broth!

      Yes, I'm a Beatles nerd too, and actually had to do some research to make sure John didn't have anything to do with my Paul choice.

      Happy Saturday, and thanks for the visit!

  3. #2. I am sorry. I am sitting very still.

    1. Oh, Cuzzie! I am sorry too -- that you're injured. But given the circumstances, sitting still is probably just what you should be doing.

  4. I am enjoying all the Sir Paul music today.

    Hope your dental work goes well.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, I love the Beatles' music but had forgotten how much great stuff Paul has done on his own.

      Thanks - I'm hoping the dental adventure goes well, too. Would love to be able to chew again!

      Thanks for the visit, and have a great week!

  5. Oral issues are no fun. I was fortunate I had a crown completed in February! I told my husband I was so glad I didn't put it off after the pandemic thing hit.

    1. You are very lucky to have gotten it all done before the "lockdown." I've had to reschedule a lot of the work several times now. So frustrating.

      Thanks for visiting, and have a happy week!


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