Sunday, September 7, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings (Week 293)

LunaNiña says … :: …and I think…

  1. House :: Hugh Laurie (And yet, I’ve never watched a single episode!)
  2. Think :: or thwim
  3. Clot :: -ted cream with scones and strawberry jam (yum!)
  4. Believe me :: political candidates
  5. Fumigation :: political candidates
  6. Bore :: political candidates
  7. Luck :: beginners… / …of the draw / down on my… / …of Roaring Camp / …of the Irish
  8. Patient :: The English… (And yet, I’ve never seen the movie or read the book!)
  9. Tremors :: spasms / shakes / earthquake / a very bad but fascinating Kevin Bacon movie
  10. Pickles :: Earl and Opal


  1. I've seen maybe one episode of House and still thought of Hugh Laurie immediately.
    ^5 on the political candidate responses...I'm beginning to feel the same way. I've seen The English Patient and liked it but wouldn't sit through it again ;~)

    Enjoyed my visit here this morning! Thanks for visiting my Mutterings!

  2. Oh I love your responses! What an interesting subconscious.
    Now you've got Warren Zevon singing Lawyers, Gun, and Money ( "and I'm down on my luck") in my head. Better than having political candidates there, I guess.


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