Monday, March 2, 2009

Blue Monday: Breakfast Blues

Well, the snow is making it an actual Blue Monday around here this morning – or blue and white, anyway. The perfect weather for a nice big bowl of hot oatmeal with some fresh berries on top.

Thanks to Smiling Sally for hosting Blue Monday. For more blue offerings, or to participate yourself, please visit her blog.


  1. I'd be BLUE too! Breakfast looks good, though. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. We got snow, too! What a pretty picture that breakfast makes.

  3. We got snow too! It was exciting!
    Love that tablecloth. Happy Blue Monday!

  4. I saw on the news this a.m. that you were going to get hit pretty hard. I am so sorry but your breakfast looks yummy -- is that your actual breakfast? Hmm..very healthy!

  5. It was indeed the morning for oatmeal in SC. We got about 5" of snow.
    Cute blue checked cloth.

  6. Oh this looks so delicious and pretty....the perfect setting for a snowy morning breakfast! Love it!
    Elaine :)

  7. It is just cold here - no pretty snow. What a delicious breakfast you are having. Happy Blue Monday!

  8. Yum, Joy... That is a perfect breakfast on a snowy morning...

    Great Blue Monday post.


  9. I am running late. I hope you had a
    Happy Blue Monday!


  10. I like your second 'blue' picture much better than the first. I've had enough snow and cold!


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