Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins #113

This week I forgot all about it being Friday. How could that happen? What about TGIF and all that? Too many naps, I think. Oh, well, here goes this week's Friday Fill-Ins on Saturday (and the last one for February):

1. I'm awake, I'm out of bed, but I won't be coherent until I've had my coffee. Lots of coffee.

2. Why do I have such exquisite taste and not enough cash to indulge it?

3. How does this computer work, anyway? Or this TV, automobile, bicycle, toaster, doorknob? I admit I'm extremely mechanically-challenged.

4. Every morning, I put moisturizer on my entire body.

5. I consider myself lucky because we got out of the stock market just before the recent economic downturn.

6. One day we’ll see the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canal in Venice, and our grandnieces and grandnephew in Florida.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to (well, that's pretty much taken care of itself), tomorrow today my plans include trying to get all the shopping and errands taken care of before the storm hits later tonight and Sunday, I want to stay in out of the rain, and get some reading done!


  1. One thing that stuck out in my mind while reading your post is that you all got out of the stock market before the recent downfall. WOW--you are so lucky. We are retired-but alot of our money is tied up in the market.. SO--we've lost alot.. Guess we'll wait it out and hope for a return.

  2. hahaha I LOVED your answer to #2 :-)


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