Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The State of the Wardrobe

Last night the President gave his first big speech since the election – the "not-the-State-of-the-Union-Address." And it was, by most accounts, a huge success. I watched. I had gotten into the habit of ignoring presidential addresses on nationwide TV. I mean – did anybody really watch those excruciating sessions with W? Even his own party faithful must have found those painful. I think President Obama's maiden voyage was pretty encouraging – he sounded very much in charge, made a lot of good points, and also a lot of promises that are going to be difficult to live up to. Well, we'll see what happens there. But the man can certainly make a speech, can't he?

And he looked a little older, I thought. A little more gray sprinkled in with the darker hair. A few more lines on the face already. The office does age the man, they say. All that responsibility. His country depending on him for answers to all their problems. Not to mention all those secret CIA documents about the extra-terrestrials living amongst us! I'm sure that would turn anybody gray. Well, anybody but Ronald Reagan.

OK, enough of that. Let's get to the really interesting stuff. What was Michelle wearing?

Michelle Obama is beginning to drive me crazy. She's a very attractive young woman, and we all know she's got a nice, well-maintained, athletic body, with great arms. But does she have to wear sleeveless dresses ALL the time? Even in the dead of winter? I keep thinking of my mother's invaluable maxim that to be well-dressed is to be appropriately dressed.

Also, all her outfits seem to look so much alike – I'm almost certain I've seen last night's dress before, and I haven't even been paying really close attention. Now I'm not eager for the second coming of Nancy Reagan or anything like that. And we're all glad she's frugal and prefers ordinary, unfussy fashion. But Michelle, you're the President's wife – for his first major address before Congress and the nation we wouldn't have been too pissed off if you'd sprung for a new outfit. Please, please – at least once in a while – would you ditch that J Crew catalog and go do some shopping!

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  1. Hi Joy, I suppose (hope) that the First Lady will get some help with her wardrobe. I don't usually like anything she is wearing. That black dress with the big red blob on her tummy area (when Barack was nominated by his party to be their nominee) was horrible. I don't like all of the flowery stuff she wears. BUT--to be positive, I did like that yellow two-piece dress that she wore at the Inauguration.

    Hopefully, she'll get help with that plus her hair style. We'll just have to wait and note the changes!!!!!


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