Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday: Saint or Sinner?

Shadow Shot Sunday is a weekly photo meme hosted by Hey Harriet. To see many, many more shadow shots or to contribute some yourself, head on over to her blog.

This little stone carving is about seven inches tall and was made in Spain. We've had it for over thirty years now, so it is ancient, although not as ancient as it looks. We've never be able to figure out if it's a copy of some bigger statue, or just some modern artist's flight of fancy. I used to refer to it as "The Druid," although it's probably meant to represent a Christian saint or an Apostle. Any ideas?
(Click on photo to enlarge.)


  1. I have no idea but I hope you get the info you are looking for during this weekend!

  2. He casts an interesting shadow...
    ~Really Rainey~

  3. No idea but the shadow is - not saint nor sinner - just a shadow! :)
    Happy SSS!

  4. The elder has come,
    bearing sacred shadow-gifts.
    Receive them with joy.

    Snowflake or star? You decide!

  5. I don't know, but he does cast a good shadow.

  6. Your little 'saint' is perfect for Shadow Shot Sunday, Joy...


  7. I don't know either, but he is an interesting statue not to mention he casts a great shadow! Have a great week!


  8. Hi!
    Great shadow. But can't help with your statue. Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  9. We are both aging hippies ... and I love your shadow shot too!

  10. I'm thinking your little guy is a primitive saint. And he's holding what appears to be a scroll. And LOOk at that peaceful look on his face! Surely he knows God.

    In any event, he casts a nice shadow!

  11. Well, I have no ideas, but I sure do like it! Lovely shot!

  12. Just a statue that might be antique but it gaves you a subtle shadow we're looking for.


  13. Cool statue to remember a trip by.
    It's like your own little treasure that you found in some distant land.


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