Monday, February 8, 2010

Blue Monday: More Winter Blues

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As I think I've said before, I don't have much blue around the house - I'm more of a green and beige person, I guess. But I do have a lot of dolls with blue outfits in my collection. So here, in honor of the opening of the Winter Olympics later this week, are two of them. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

All suited up and ready for the slopes. In a nice cozy pair of blue ski pants (they really are blue - see the last photo for a truer likeness).

Ready to ski, too - but we've only got the one set of skis! So she's going to do a little sledding while waiting her turn at the lifts. And, if you look closely, you'll notice the blue in the flowers trimming her outfit. But I'm not sure those shoes are going to hold up so well in the snow.

Both of these are Ginny dolls, 8 inches tall, and made by the Vogue Doll Company back in the 1950s. The Ginny dolls were my favorite playthings when I was a tiny tot - and although neither of these girls is actually one of my own childhood toys, I still love to play with them.


  1. They're so perfectly kept that they look brand new! Mr. Linky and I have had some problems today with a nasty link. I hope others can find you. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Your ginny dolls are precious! My grandmother used to collect old dolls and refurbish them. Yours are in great shape, as they look new! :)

    Happy Blue Monday to you! ...and Thanks for visiting! ~Rhonda

  3. I really like your ginny dolls -- mine aren't in such good shape. I am thinking about collecting them, myself, although every time I mention it I hear this weird groan from A. I still think they are the best dolls -- nice and compact and their clothes were so cute!

  4. I love your Ginny dolls, Joy.... And--I did see the 'blue' in them!!!!!

  5. Your Ginny dolls are so cute, Joy. They look ready for the slopes at Squaw Valley in the '50's. Happy Blue Monday and thanks for stopping by my blog~

  6. Oh, now I never had a Ginny doll, but I think they are so VERY sweet!! Wish I had one now! Yours are cute all dressed appropriately for the season! Happy Blue Monday to you! ~tina

  7. Wow, I don't think I ever saw a Ginny doll. Yours are just adorable. I could use those skis here, especially after tomorrow.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your nice comment. Please come back again to visit.
    Have a blessed evening.


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