Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Great Blizzard of 2010, Day 2

Well, at least I think it's Day 2. I'm having trouble remembering when we didn't have snow all over the place.

So. It snowed today. They said it would be "tapering off" by this afternoon, but they lied. The afternoon is heading on towards evening now and it's still snowing and I really don't see any tapering going on. Well, the flakes are smaller - I guess that counts.

We didn't try to get out - just stayed in all day. The hubby did some reading, some guitar playing, and (surprise!) some vacuuming (thanks, Sweetie). I did some laundry, some dusting, and baked pumpkin bread. And since there was snow on the ground and spice in the air, it felt like Christmas all over again. So we listened to some Christmas music and created our own little time warp.

Also snapped a few more photos of the historic storm. Some of our neighbors ventured out (hardy souls):

When we took the outside wreath down last month, I just left it on our balcony table, and it was dusted with snow and ice today. Another little Christmas-y touch.

A closeup of one of the pine cones on the wreath. Looks very pretty, doesn't it? Sort of like a Christmas card. This is about as close to snow as I care to get, I'm afraid.

And - the pumpkin bread. Trust me, it tastes better than it looks. And I know that because it's from a mix - not one of my "from scratch" monstrosities. What would I do without Trader Joe's?

(Click on photos to enlarge.)


  1. Well, at least you are turning the lemons into lemonade and having another little Christmas! The pine cone pic is really pretty -- the pumpkin bread looks great -- now I am going to have to go bake something -- and those "brave" people really need to have their heads examined.

  2. Oh Joy, I love snow (up to a point)--but I've never seen that much before. Be careful if and when you all get out in it... Yipes!!!

    Beautiful pictures.. It does look like Christmas, doesn't it???? Bet that Pumpkin Bread is delicious...

    Be Safe.


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