Monday, July 12, 2010

Family Photo Monday

I have a huge collection of family photos, from both my family and my husband's. And I really need to get them sorted, digitized, and then put away in albums. A massive task, but it needs to be done. And I thought maybe posting some of them on my blog might be a nudge to get me started (or re-started; I've actually been working on this for a few years now).

So, for today, here's a little memorial photo. My father died on this day, July 12th, in 1957. He hadn't quite made it to his 37th birthday. This shot was taken (most likely by my mother) around that time. It's dated September 1957, but I believe it was actually taken at least a couple of years earlier (my mother was always pretty lax about getting photos developed). That's me with him. And, yes, he was very tall.

The 12th of July is always a little sad for me, even after all these years.


  1. Joy, how wonderful to have this picture of your dad, and you look so cute there with him. I'm thinking of you today. Yesterday would have been my dad's birthday, and I miss him so much, too, and that day was bittersweet for me. Sending you hugs.



  2. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember that car too, and the interior scent -- makes me sad too.


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