Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ABC Wednesday: "K" Is For...


I've written before about my doll collecting mania, and also about my travel doll. Kayla is a member of the Barbie family and as she's a rather tiny doll (about 3 inches tall), she fits nicely inside a purse or a pocket or a suitcase – so she's perfect for taking along on excursions. She never changes outfits, so she acquires a sort of "Where's Waldo" effect in all her photos. But she's game for just about anything. She's been to the beach and the mountains, and to big cities like New York and Chicago. Since she came to live with me, she's never been out of the USA; although I suspect she originated in China or Japan. Generally, she lives in a display case in our dining room, but she does love an occasional outdoor romp. Here she is at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, enjoying some chips and salsa on a sidewalk table.

(Click on photos to enlarge.)

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  1. What a kute little doll. I'm afraid I would have lost her years ago. I like her name Kayla. My sister loved collecting Barbie dolls also. Great post for K day.

  2. so pretty unattainable beauty .... nice name..

    ABC Wednesday here

  3. Kayla looks like a charming travel companion.

  4. Ah, a doll collector too! No, I'm not but do enjoy them and my DD inherited some from a family member. I was not familiar with Kayla.

  5. kinda cute. i'll be sure NOT to show to the daughter, lest she want one.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. What a darling "little" doll. You must have a fabulous collection.

  7. Never knew about Kayla! Nice info...In the Indian language - Hindi, Kayla sounds like Khela? which means "Did you play?"

    - http://mangop.blogspot.com/2010/09/kill.html

  8. Kayla is so cute! Love the photos!
    Nice post for K.
    I am also a lover of dolls. I'll let you know if I post something about my dolls. Ironically, I haven't had time for them since I had the children. They have replaced my dolls!
    Best wishes,
    of Anna's Adornments
    It is Sara, my cat who posted about K this time. Please visit her post here:
    Sara Cat's K-words [abcW7]


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