Friday, September 17, 2010

Sky Watch Friday: Blue Sky Over Texas

This shot of downtown San Antonio was taken a few years ago while M and I were there, revisiting some of the hangouts of our youth. We were both born and raised in the Alamo City, but don't get back there very often.

We were staying in a hotel on the Riverwalk, and I snapped this from a window. That's the Milam Building on the right (the one with the Texas flag on top), and the old Robert E. Lee Hotel on the left. Apparently it's recently been turned into apartments or condos. This view would be looking in (I believe) a roughly northwest direction and makes me remember how flat that part of Texas is, even though it's so near the Hill Country.

This is how I always remember San Antonio - lots of sunshine and puffy white clouds. And that's strange because in reality it's one of the rainiest places on earth!

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  1. What a city. I have not been there but I've heard it's a good city to visit.

  2. I think I told you that I taught school and lived in San Antonio for several years, these brought back lots of memories! Gorgeous skies! Enjoy your weekend!


  3. There is something special about that San Antonio sky! It will always be home, won't it?

  4. I agree that the land certainly looks flat in this photo, but the sky is beautiful. I would like to visit San Antonio one of these days.


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