Sunday, September 19, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 399

Wow, it's been a really long time (possibly years) since I did one of these. Unconscious Mutterings is a weekly "free association" word meme hosted by LunaNiƱa. There aren't really any rules - just visit the website if you want to play along. And here we go:

LunaNiƱa says :: and I think...
  1. Mustache :: Tom Selleck, Salavdor Dali, Hercule Poirot

  2. Person :: of interest

  3. Restore :: This Old House

  4. Discretion :: caution, prudence, judgment

  5. Lamp :: lighter (as in "The Old Lamp Lighter of long, long ago." Remember that one?)

  6. Pillow cover :: needlepoint

  7. Arousal :: awakening

  8. Seattle :: rain, Seahawks, Starbucks, serial killers (Sorry about that last one, if you live in the Seattle area. If it's any consolation, I associate a lot of other places around the country with serial killers, too. Definitely been watching too much TRU-TV.)

  9. ATM :: cash card, computer systems

  10. Custard :: the Dragon (by Ogden Nash - read it? Custard was a "realio, trulio, little pet dragon.")

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