Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ABC Wednesday: "R" is for...


I wasn't really too familiar with the term before I moved to Virginia. But around here, historical reenactors (or re-enactors if you prefer) are everywhere. Many museums and historical sites have them. Civil War and Revolutionary War battle recreations abound with them. And of course, places like Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown are fully stocked with hundreds of very authentic-looking reenactors. These are a few shots we took during a visit to Williamsburg a few years ago.

A villager outside the post office.

In the saddle maker's shop.

Colonial carpenter.

In the printer's establishment.

At the book bindery.

A reenactor bringing history to life.

And sometimes, even the visitors get into the act.

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  1. great reenactors in Williamsburg, VA
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. A nice variety of photos of these re-enactors. We have a strong community here in Southern Ontario (in fact a friend of mine has just gotten another friend to join them for some War of 1812 re-enactments which will be plentiful for the next several months)

  3. I have seen this in TV programmes. It is a great way to bring history to life.

  4. What a great "R" post. I would not have thought of "reenactors" but then again, I don't live in or near a place that does this. Still, we loved visiting Sturbridge Village in MA. Lots of fun, really educational. Makes Colonial America so much more comprehensible.

  5. Thanks for the memories. I remember the reenactors of Williamsburg very well.

  6. Like a step back in time, to be sure! Wonderful photos.


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