Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Unconscious Mutterings: Week 735

Mutterings for the week of March 5th. Unconscious Mutterings is hosted by LunaNiña. And here we go....
  1. Birthday :: cake, party, another year shot to hell 
  2. Habitat :: for Humanity 
  3. Foil :: aluminum (though I still call it "tin foil")
  4. Drowsy :: wasn't he one of the Seven Dwarfs?
  5. Training :: teaching, coaching, indoctrination 
  6. Career :: employment, vocation, "My Brilliant..." (good movie, good book)
  7. Howard :: Hawks, Hughes, Stern, Fest (my cousin-in-law)
  8. Keyhole :: neckline (hmmm...definitely been leafing through too many old fashion mags)
  9. Secret :: I've Got A... (used to be one of my favorite quiz shows)
  10. Garry Moore
    Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan, Faye Emerson

  11. Camera :: Candid... (another old TV fave)

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