Monday, July 7, 2008

Random Photo Monday: Bear With Me

Well, we spent July 4th in Shenandoah National Park this year. Just a couple of days, but it was fun. Lots of hiking and climbing and dodging the thunderstorms. I'll get a few more pix up in a day or so, but just a couple for now.

After thirty years of visits to Shenandoah, I saw my first real live bear this time. So I'm putting up one of the shots I took, to commemorate the occasion. And also a photo of my travel doll, Kayla, with a couple of friends she made on the trip.

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  1. Ok, how can something be really, really cute and really, really scary all at the same time! That is a very cute bear but I didn't know there were bears there. I would have been a lot more worried about your hiking/camping adventure if I had known.

  2. Uh, I meant the bear was cute/scary -- not Kayla. She is just cute and HER new pals don't look so frightening.


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