Sunday, July 20, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings (Week 286)

LunaNina says :: and I think…

  1. Flicker :: woodpecker
  2. Styling :: fashion mags (And it's just about time for the big Fall issues to start appearing.)
  3. Episode :: occurrence, installment, portion
  4. Sexier :: dumber
  5. Studious :: not dumber
  6. Mushroom :: cloud, pizza, soup, my grandmother's chuck steak with mushroom gravy
  7. 8 minutes :: speed dating (No, I've never tried it myself.)
  8. Bald :: as a coot (No, I'm not bald myself. Yet.)
  9. Immunity :: from prosecution (I've definitely gotta stop watching all those Law & Order re-runs.)
  10. Sectioned :: segmented, divided, grapefruit, worm, something done to loonies emotionally disturbed folks in the UK

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