Sunday, July 6, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings (Week 284)

LunaNiña says :: and I think...

  1. Notification :: bad news; good news; Publishers' Clearing House
  2. Cheat :: hanging chads (Well, the first thing that actually came to mind was "George Bush." So "hanging chads" isn't quite as unconscious, but it's more polite.)
  3. Top Ten:: Letterman Show
  4. Draft :: first; NFL; beer; dodger; caught in the
  5. Unbelievable :: Obama; McCain (Let's just make that politicians in general.)
  6. Cheap :: thrills
  7. Spontaneous :: generation
  8. Harass :: spam; telemarketers
  9. Lipstick :: smudge; Revlon; Connie Francis
  10. Transpire :: high school biology class

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