Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday: Greetings from My Paper Dolls

It's been quite a while since I participated in a Vintage Thingies Thursday. But I've been going through some of my (way too many) collections, and thought I'd share a couple of examples from my pile of vintage paper dolls.

When I was a little girl I always loved playing with paper dolls. Actually, I love playing with them now that I'm a big girl, too! I had an enormous collection – some store bought and some homemade. I kept them in shoe boxes and envelopes and empty candy tins (remember those?). My favorites were the ones that came on greeting cards, like this one from Hallmark, probably created sometime in the mid-1950s. Unfortunately, it's not one from my childhood collection – I bought this one on eBay a few years back. But I'm sure I had one just like it.

The paper dolls were always on the fronts of the cards; and the inside and back included several outfits for them. And these are wonderfully typical of what the best-dressed little girl or paper doll would have been wearing in about 1954.

My other favorites were the dolls I made myself – usually by tracing pictures out of books or magazines or catalogs. Some of them were a bit unusual, like this kitty cat I traced from a book called The Everyday Story Book. He is one of my "originals" – I recently pulled the book out of storage and opened it up for the first time in decades, and there he was!

Vintage Thingies Thursday is hosted by Suzanne at Coloradolady, and as she says, "Thursday is the day to showcase your vintage treasures and to share your special things with everyone." Please visit her blog to find out more about VTT or to participate yourself.


  1. I always liked the uncut doll pages best. I would love to have one of those cards.

  2. I love finding old treasures in books that haven't been opened in a long time! Love your paperdolls.

  3. Wonderful post and lovely memories,...I had a paperdoll when I was a little girl. :)
    thanks for sharing.

  4. My sister and I loved paper dolls! I remember getting each month's Betsy McCall paper doll page from my mother's magazine -- my sister and I would have to share it!
    And that drove me nuts, because she was not careful with the pieces. Ah, younger sisters!

    Love that card with the doll and clothes. I was never lucky enough to get a card l ike that .. but I like your careful rendering of a cat and its clothing the best. How precious.

  5. That book looks very familiar, love the paper dolls, I remember having these too and its too bad they were all played with until they had to be tossed. Have a great VTT!

  6. Oooo, how I loved paper dolls and still do. I sure wish I had some leftover from my childhood. My sister and I used to design clothes for them "back then". What sweet memories.. Happy VTT, have a most wonderful weekend.

  7. Those are adorable! Well who wouldn't want to play with those. I wish they still made those.

  8. those are so sweet...
    that book looks completely adorable~
    love your kitty~
    have a wonderful day

  9. Seeing paper dolls always makes me nostalgic for my childhood days. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh how I remember my paper dolls.

    Those little tabs are SOOOOOO important - - - especially when they're missing.

  11. Oh I love paper dolls and your collection is just adorable!

    So sweet. How I loved paper dolls...

  12. I remember paper dolls. I think I played with them some. I know that I know longer have them anymore. Thank you for sharing your cute paper dolls!

  13. i love your paperdolls! all so cute and pretty.. and I love collecting them.. I have few from Mary Engelbreit paperdolls collection. thanks for sharing and have a great weekend! happy belated VTT

  14. Those paper dolls are absolutely adorable!

    Thanks for coming by, nice to met you.

    Barbara Jean

  15. Do you remember a paper doll book that we had that had a Spanish dancer in it? I remember us playing with them in our living room during a horrible thunderstorm. Funny the things we remember.


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