Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Christmas Musings

M and I must be two of the very few people on earth who didn't get/give a Snuggie this Christmas.

The nicest thing about Christmas and the winter solstice is that after all the celebrating is over, you start to notice each day getting a minute or two longer than the last. Spring can't be far off now, can it? (Pretty please!)

Christmas decorations are lovely and a lot of fun until you have to dust them.

Every Christmas I intend to pull out my grandmother's applesauce cake recipe and bake a couple of the cakes. Every Christmas I put it off until next year.

This year we almost managed to get through M's entire list of Mandatory Christmas Movies. There are still a couple we haven't gotten around to, but the new year is still a day away. So there's still time. This year I watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation something like a dozen times, and I've decided it's definitely my favorite. That and The Bishop's Wife. As a child, I used to like It's a Wonderful Life; but as I got older, it started to feel a little too much like a horror film. Every year I watch it and think how satisfying it would be if this time George Bailey would finally just blow that hick town and go do all the things he wants to do. And every year, he does the right thing and just stays put.

M and I got some very nice gifts this year. Other Christmases, we haven't been so lucky. The worst gifts I can remember? Well, one year M got a can of Right Guard spray deodorant from someone. Think they were trying to tell him something? Actually, it was one of those anonymous gift exchanges where no one knew who they were buying for. But deodorant? And as for me, my worst Christmas memory doesn't really involve a gift - it has to do with the tree we bought, the first Christmas we spent in this apartment. It was a lovely, huge live fir tree - gorgeous and green. For about an hour and a half. Long enough to get the lights and decorations on it. Then it dried up instantly and turned a hideous shade of brown. Crispy to the touch. And we left it up for several weeks. I was afraid turning on its lights might be a fire hazard. I kept watering it even though the branches cut me to shreds whenever I got too close. Even the cat wouldn't go near it. I think we took it down on Christmas Day. So depressing.

Next year I'll get those Christmas cards addressed and in the mail right after Thanksgiving. Just like my sister-in-law. Really - I promise!


  1. I didn't get a snuggie -- maybe menopause has something to do with THAT. However, it has only been about 20 minutes ago that I mentioned to A, who is balled up in his chair, in front of the fire, freezing, that I think I will go buy him one. We could start a new tradition of New Year's gifts.

  2. Oh yeah, Chris's birthday is the 21st of Dec -- he always complains about being born on the shortest day of the year -- I like seeing his birthday because it starts getting dark later and I really, really love that!

  3. I did give a snuggie this year, but only in my Santa role. Does that count? My daughter requested it. Otherwise I never would have. Personally I still think a robe make more sense.

    Christmas Vacation is a big favorite around here too. Probably because we're all a little too Griswold. :)


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