Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Cards

I love Christmas cards.  And I have a huge collection of them.  Actually, I love ALL greeting cards.  Always have.  My mother used to save all her greeting cards in a big shoe box and one of my favorite childhood pastimes was going through the box, making up stories to accompany the pictures on the cards.  I especially loved the shaped or die-cut cards - I'd trace around the edges and use the outline to make frames for my drawings.  Hmmmm.  Whatever happened to all that creativity I wonder.  But I digress.

Today, I just thought I'd show you a few cards from my collection.  It's a pretty random selection - some are really old, from the 1920s and earlier.  But most were issued sometime between 1930 and the early '60s.  I used to be able to pick these up for around a nickel each, in thrift shops.  These days, with more and more people collecting, they're usually considerably more expensive - and harder to find.  But I still love hunting for them.


  1. Those are a lot of fun, Joy! I wish I had some of our old cards. I do have postcards that my grandmother collected in the first quarter of last century, but I am with you, I like the vintage ones from 1930-1965 or so.

    Merry Christmas to you! You really have a fun collection there.



  2. Those are lovely. I have a few of my mom's 60s & 70s- vintage cards, but not much that's older than that.


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