Monday, December 2, 2013

Holidailies 2013

It's that time of year again. Time for the Holidailies project.  I don't think I participated last year (if I could remember last year, I'd know for sure), but I'm going to take a stab at it for 2013.  OK, going in, I know I won't be posting daily.  But I'll try to post at least several times a week - something I've been wanting to do anyway (Joysweb is sloooowly fading away, and I'd like to try to remedy that). 

So, I've already missed Day One.  Sorry about that.  Well, not really sorry - yesterday's suggested prompt was "introduce yourself," and I'm really bad at introductions.  Hi, I'm Joy. I'm a blogger.  How's that?

But today's prompt is about Favorite Holiday Songs, and that's something M (the hubby) and I were discussing just the other day, in a local restaurant.  Well, not favorite HOLIDAY songs exactly.  It was before Thanksgiving, but (of course) they were playing holiday music and we were trying to come up with songs that were appropriate to wintertime, but not specifically HOLIDAY songs.  We could only think of half a dozen:
  1. Baby It's Cold Outside
  2. Frosty the Snowman
  3. Jingle Bells
  4. Let It Snow
  5. Sleigh Ride
  6. Winter Wonderland
All of those are winter songs, and some of them have come to be thought of as holiday tunes, but I don't think any of them actually mention Christmas or the holidays.  Is that right?  Can you think of any others? Let me know.

Soooo. I guess this is actually a post about favorite non-Holiday songs?


  1. Found you through the Holidailies. Silent Night doesn't mention the word Christmas or holidays.....just celebrates the birth of Christ. The reason behind Christmas. And is my all time favorite.

    1. Hi, Paula. Thanks for the visit. You're very right about the reason behind Christmas - something we should remember. I was trying to think of songs that celebrate the winter season rather than Christmas. There seem to be only a few of those.

  2. The only one I can think of is Sarah McLachlan's Song for a Winter's Night... it's been in rotation with the Christmas music on the radio here. I guess that would count?!

    1. Hi, Melanie. I'm not really familiar with that song, although I've probably heard it being played and just didn't realize what it was. I know about Sarah McLachlan, of course - so maybe one more to add to the list. Thanks for the visit and the comment, and Happy Holidailies!


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