Wednesday, March 7, 2018

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Signs of Spring

The Agarita bushes are blooming all over the place.

And the Texas Mountain Laurels are getting started, too.

We even have some Bluebonnets coming up. These are hiding under a cactus, to escape the hungry deer!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. and I bet you are sneezing your head off. We had a gorgeous Mt. Laurel in San Antonio and I would like another one but ohmygosh -- it gave me fits!

    1. I haven't had too much trouble yet. Just thankful that the stupid cedar has finally settled down. But the mimosa and crape myrtles will be blooming pretty soon, and that always makes me crazy.

    2. yes, very thankful the cedar has moved on! We are both having allergy issues right now but the Claritin sort of keeps it at bay -- sort of.

  2. I just love the springtime. You posted such wonderful first signs and it gives it all hope of warmer days and fun in the sun.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'm definitely ready for some warm, sunny weather. This winter has dragged on long enough!


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