Saturday, March 31, 2018

Bluebonnets Are Back - Must Be Spring!

Every spring I start looking for bluebonnets as soon as February is finished, and I always think maybe this year they just won't show up. Of course, that's just me being impatient. They always come back and they usually seem to appear overnight. One day, nothing; next morning, the roadsides are covered in blue.

We took our annual looking-for-bluebonnets drive a couple days ago, and I took a few snaps. In some areas, you find huge patches that seem to go on for miles. And in other places, just a few flowers poke up amidst all the weeds and roadside litter.

This year it seems that the other wildflowers are getting a little later start, but we did find a few Texas paintbrush blossoms mixed in here and there.

And we even have a few brave little plants coming up in odd places in our front yard, even though the deer seem to love munching on them.

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  1. Growing up in Texas, and later as an adult, we always went on Sunday drives to see the wildflowers. Bluebonnets, of course, were the main attraction. I miss that! Enjoy the show while it lasts, and thanks for sharing. Thanks to Lady Bird Johnson, too, for promoting roadside wildflowers.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features Street Art in Auburn, WA.

  2. So beautiful!! Everything is very late here in the Mid-Atlantic - we had 4 big snowstorms in March, so we are just now starting to see the early spring blooms, like crocuses and daffodils. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous bluebonnets!


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